6 Shopping malls in Ekiti for your brand activation purposes 

We visit shopping malls to meet our basic needs, but like most markets in Nigeria, they have also become places of attraction. For many brand managers and marketers, it represents a much easier opportunity for direct engagement for customers. Basically, we can agree that the primary objective of marketing is to grab your audience’s attention as firmly as possible. Retail or mall activation has proven, time and again, to be very effective at capturing people’s attention and focusing it on brands and products. 

The beautiful thing about capturing the consumers’ attention in a mall is that they are, in a sense, probably ready for it.  

Malls are filled with different brands and the consumer is used to looking at brands when they’re in the mall, which means they’re ready to give you the required attention. Thus, a really well-done mall activation can create the perfect buzz. For Ekiti State, see some of the interesting malls:  

  1. Arena Shopping Mall 
  1. Folorunsho Memorial Shopping Complex 
  1. ABUAD Shopping Mall 
  1. Ekiti State Textile Shopping Mall 
  1. Oyinbo Shopping & Retail 
  1. Kaita Plaza 
  1. Fayose Market 

Arena Shopping Mall  

Location: Okeila Rd, Ado Ekiti. 

The Arena Shopping Mall is an excellent marketplace where people of different tribes across the state come together to buy and sell. It is easily accessible and is known for the vegetables and fruits sold at cheap prices.  

Folorunsho Memorial Shopping Complex 

Location: Nova road, Ado-Ekiti, Nova NOVA Rd, Ado Ekiti.  

Besides the lack of parking space, Folorunsho Memorial Shopping Complex is accessible, by the roadside, and leaves traders and buyers with different experiences – especially as it is known to be one of the most reviewed shopping centres in Ado-Ekiti.  

ABUAD Shopping Mall 

Location: Abuad, Ado Ekiti 

Slightly more expensive than some other shopping malls but has whatever you may need, as it is fully stocked to meet immediate needs. It’s has everything from electronics,  groceries, boutiques, salons, and so on.  

Ekiti State Textile Shopping Mall 

Location: Ado-Ekiti. 

The Ekiti State Textile Shopping Mall houses the pickup location for the popular Konga and Jumia. It also houses the indomie deport. It is located at a historic site, wide with enough space and operates between 8.00 am to 7.00 pm from Sunday to Saturday. 

Oyinbo Shopping & Retail 

Location: Plot Q6 behind Ajaleye Civic Centre Fed. Poly Road, Ado-Ekiti. 

Oyinbo Shopping & Retail is a shopping centre where you can find a wide variety of items from foodstuff to housewares. 

Kaita Plaza 

Location: Off Ado – Iworoko – Ifaki Road, Nearby Quick Line Auto Centre, Ado Ekiti. 

Kaita Plaza is a shopping centre situated in a public square along the road and has offices, stalls, and shops that sell different kinds of items. 

Fayose Market 

Location: Ajilosun Street, Ado – Ikere Road, Ado Ekiti 

Fayose Market also known as the Computer Village of Ekiti is an information and communications technology (ICT) accessories market where you can shop for mobile phones, gadgets, and electrical/electronics equipment as well as other range of goods. 


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