Culture Intelligence from RED is Africa’s leading think tank on media, marketing, and the culture – helping companies, governments, and change makers with data-backed insight for evidence-based decision-making.

We answer one simple question:
What do consumers want, and why?

Our proposition to corporations, governments, donors, embassies, businesses, politicians, investors, and HNIs is simple – we know what’s happening with the culture, and we can leverage on our expertise to identify opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

Research Consulting

Culture Intelligence from RED connects clients with experts (selected from among our culture insiders and beyond) in a specific sector, topic, business, or industry who have first-hand experience, in order to gain powerful insights to act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.

We will curate subject-matter experts to deliver on the insight you need.

Niche Sessions

Interact with our leading experts and peers on industry trends and defining culture moments via private audio/video sessions and remote roundtables.

Access the insights you need through custom sessions with consultants, analysts, culture custodians to discuss market dynamics and challenges, or gather a select group of customers for in-person or virtual research and testing or in-depth interviews.

Research Reports

Culture Intelligence from RED curates shifting market dynamics, consumer perception, and market behaviours from our consumer panel and culture experts to deliver qualitative insights so leaders in government, corporate, and social sectors can act through the confidence that comes from real-world expertise and trusted information.

Raw Data

We know what the streets are saying and we can show you. Culture Intelligence from RED brings you unvarnished data (videos, audio recordings, surveys, charts, and more) from our 500-member consumer panel and culture experts across the country on trends or conversations that matter in the public and social sector, including corporate institutions.


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