5 LinkedIn influencers who have a wide reach

When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn seldom forms a major blip in a marketer’s radar. But, you should know that LinkedIn is one of the top places for job seekers and people who want to grow their network and business. It’s also a hub for knowledge sharing involving professional and industry level news, posts and discussions.   

LinkedIn is a must-use platform if you want to connect with and market to professionals. And, LinkedIn’s InMail has a 300% higher response rate than traditional email. 

LinkedIn can be a launchpad for your business’s success, this is why we listed these users who can help you take that product/service to your customers:  

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Kayode Abass 

Kayode Abass is a LinkedIn Influencer and Coach, Digital Marketing Consultant, Viral Content Writer, and Entrepreneur. In 2019, when Kayode starting leveraging the power of Linkedin, his connections increased from 300 to over 10,000 in 4 months, amassing 12,000 followers, 40,000 profile views, 3 million posts views, 3,800 comments and 2,400 reshares, making him one of the biggest personalities on LinkedIn Nigeria.  

He helps business coaches, consultants, business owners and sales executives execute the exact strategies he used to gain his status as an influencer.  

Kayode has 91,758 connections.  

Rita Orji 

Rita Orji is a Computer Science Professor, a Canada Research Chair in Persuasive Technology, and the Director of the Persuasive Computing Lab. She is also a motivational speaker who is passionate about inspiring the next generation. 

Rita says she is open to partnership and collaboration with companies and big organisations in areas related to Brand Promotion, Brand Ambassador, Technology Innovation, Behaviour Change Systems, Technology for Public and Social Goods, Humane Technology, Internet of Behaviour, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM, Women, and Youth Empowerment, etc. So, what are you waiting for?  

Rita has 145,225 connections.  

Ndubuisi Ekekwe 

The South African press called Ndubuisi Ekekwe “a doctor of innovation” for helping organisations on the mechanics of business innovation, strategy, and growth. Since 2009, the Chairman of Fasmicro Group which controls many startups and entities has been writing in the Harvard Business Review. He was recognised by The Guardian as one of 60 Nigerians Making “Nigerian Live Matter” on Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day. 

Ndubuisi has 107,033 connections.  

Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo 

Favour Chisimdi Nwobodo is a polyglot. She belongs to the class of less than 1% world population who speak more than 5 languages fluently (English, Korean, Spanish, Shona, Swahili, Indonesian, and Filipino). Favour is the founder of Empress Linguistics Services, a Linguistics Services aimed at solving Linguistics’ needs in the Business/ Finance sector.

Favour has 21,936 connections.  

Chikaodi Emmanuel 

Chikaodi Emmanuel is a highly Creative Content Writer, Sales, and Business Professional with cognate experience in Real Estate, E-commerce, Automotive, and Media sectors. He is a certified Sales and Customer Service Professional with extensive experience in Real Estate and Automobile Sector 

Chikaodi is a Residential Real Estate Broker skilled and empathetic in assisting Business Owners and Professionals who are scared of purchasing properties. 

Chikaodi has 63,616 connections.  


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