5 online platforms whose newsletters you should sponsor

Online platforms represent an indispensable element in the digital campaign mix. It is these platforms that enable the digital footprint conversation, and take your brand to the faces of the consumers. Online platforms hand you the opportunity to interact with your customers and prospects through regular personalised communication.  

These platforms not only post content, they also find several ways to share this content and engage with their audience. One way, known to be effective, is sending out newsletters.  

Newsletters have stayed an effective way of promoting content, despite talk of its outdated nature. According to McKinsey researchers, you’re 40 times more likely to get new customers from email marketing than you are through social media.  

You use newsletters if you want to spread brand awareness, update consumers on promotions, new products or sales, spotlight the brand and build a relationship with the consumer. This is why we listed the following online platforms whose newsletter can help you achieve these, and probably more.  

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If you are trying to reach the hip and vibrant, Zikoko is one platform that can take you there. Zikoko amplifies the best of African youth culture by curating and creating smart and joyful content for young Africans and the world. Zikoko draws readers in through its quizzes and relatable stories, and uses several newsletters to reach readers.  


YNaija curates youth pop culture content that engages the reader in more ways than they think. Talk about the platform the smartest young Nigerians read. YNaija regularly publishes industry lists, rankings and does reviews. YNaija’s newsletter reaches the reader’s email every weekend, with summarised versions of the week’s publications.  

Premium Times 

Premium Times focuses on the advancement of the socio-economic wellbeing and rights of the Nigerian people. They do this alongside promoting and enriching cultural practices, advocate for best practices, good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a modern democratic State Government. Premium Times has a newsletter system that gets to the reader every day.  


Nairametrics prides itself as a go to resource for those seeking simplicity and clarity to investing, business and financial information. The platforms newsletters allows the reader choose which kind of content they want to get in their emails and the frequency of the content. From corporate news to content from the energy sector to fixed income to technology.  

Techpoint Africa 

Techpoint Africa is the startup hub. So, if you wanted to learn about the evolution of startups, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in Africa, visit the Techpoint Africa site. Techpoint send a daily 5-minute roundup of happenings in African and global tech to the reader’s email inbox every weekday, why not be part of this?  


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