7 markets in Kano where you can run an activation

Brand activation campaigns are indispensable, especially if a brand wants to interact directly with the consumer with the intention of building brand loyalty around the brand’s products and services. Also, if we considered that more and more people are becoming distrustful of the traditional model of advertising, which focuses on just highlighting the unique features of the brand, activations would be prioritised.  

Activations are usually achieved by using experiential technology to create immersive brand experiences for consumers. The idea is to create a strong, honest impression on the consumer’s mind that the promises made by advertising are true.   

A brand activation campaign usually involves multiple touchpoints for the consumer, done in order to create a multi-sensory immersive experience for the consumer which will connect them with the brand on a genuine level. This is why experiential marketing is paramount and why we have listed these markets in Kano to take your activation campaign to.  

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Yankaba Market 

Yankaba is a busy afternoon market that sell all varieties of vegetables and fruits in wholesale and retail prices. You will find local and international products at this market, and people from different walks of life.  

It is located at Kawaji Yankaba Primary School, Kano. 

Kasuwar Kurmi 

Kasuwar Kurmi is one of the oldest traditional markets in Kano and has many entrances. It is called a preserving market of arts and culture and, even though it is not as popular as before, stays a busy market. So, if you want a mix of tradition and your brand, while interacting with your intended consumers, visit the Kasuwar Kurmi market.  

Sharada Market 

The Sharada Market is a prestigious market that sells good at cheap rates. You will find food items of all kinds at this market. It is known to entertain people from within Kano and beyond, so has a bust atmosphere every other day. Interestingly, it is multi-purpose market where you can also find building materials.  

Kasuwar Galadima 

The Galadima market is located at Court Rd, Fagge, Kano, and is a beautiful market with well organised and modern facilities. You can get every household and food item within this market at an affordable price, and stationery items among other household items you may need.  

Kasuwar Wambai  

The Wambai market is located at Ibb Rd, Kofar Wambali, Kano. It is one of the major markets in Kano where you can buy home appliances, kitchen, toilet, decoration, and clothing materials. It is mostly known for second-hand clothing items and footwear.  

Sabon Gari Market  

The Sabon Gari market is quite popular even outside Kano. It is a general commodity market where you can purchase products like clothes, kitchen equipment. From the entrance of the market through France road you can get building materials. You can also get electronic shops, and find various artisans in the market. 

Yankura Market 

Kasuwar Yankura is a densely populated market comprising of buyers and sellers of different products and services. The market features competition among the sellers of identical products and sees buyers from different parts of the state and from across Nigeria. It is located at Court Road, Kano.  


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