10 niche influencers you should work with

If you’re a brand that keeps its customers at arm’s length then it’s difficult to learn more about them and build trust. One way to improve loyalty with customers is to try and be authentic and trustworthy – this is where influencer marketing comes in. Did you know that influencer marketing delivers 10X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing? 

Influencer marketing harnesses the reach, authenticity and personality of individuals who have built up their own following in a specific niche with a particular target audience.  

You need to get influencers in your plan because influencers have their own ready-made following; they’re a walking, talking endorsement; influencers have their own tried and tested ideas; influencers can help you to run campaigns that are inclusive, interesting and crucially – not patronising, and so on.  

Influencers are increasingly seen as equally trustworthy as a friend or acquaintance who might recommend a product/service, so consider these 10 niche influencers in your campaign:  

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Amarachi Amusi 

With over 700,000 followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 1,000 comments on average, Amarachi is surely the content creator you want to employ to push your brand to a wide audience. She is an actress and a content creator, who creates skips for her followers and does same to market brands. Amarachi is also an entrepreneur – the CEO of Ashmusy Empire and Ashmusy hair, so she will understand the need for brands to reach out to customers through influencers like her.  

April Laugh 

April is a fitness coach, online health coach and certified nutritionist. She designs fitness programs and nutrition courses which focus on the development of healthy habits for life, supported by a community of women. Her husband’s story – the one who had lost 40kg in 8 months – inspired many people to create a relationship with her and her followers keep growing. She has over 160,000 followers on Instagram, so your brand is definitely going to get to the eyes of many.  

Cassandra Ikegbune 

Cassie is a medical doctor, model, fashion and enthusiast. If you visited her website, you will ser telling you she likes “cold nights, soft rock, poetry, uber stylish people, vintage clothing, surprises, and of course good food.” And, she creates content in this direction. Cassie travels a lot and tells the stories of those places after, so why not give Cassie your brand to carry around as she explores and creates content?  

Chidera Oliver 

Rest assured, employ the services of Chidera – known as Pankeeroy – and reach your customers, especially since he has a follower base of over 970,000 and a mouth-watering engagement rate. Through his skits, you will realise he knows how to tell that story you want to tell, which ultimately lead people to your brand. Chidera is a multi-talented creative dancer, influencer, host, comedian and content creator. 

Henry Obiefule 

Henry Obiefule – known as Chief Obi – is a skit maker and fans keep going back to his page knowing they will find some content to lift their spirits through laughter. Henry is popular for his comical portrayal of a stereotypical Nigerian dad, continues to draw more people and already has over 325,000 followers on Instagram.  

Africa Food Network 

Well, who does not like food? Africa Food Network, shortened to Afrifoodnet, is a community of African food lovers and their social pages show a variety of food that surely attracts new visitors to stay. If you are a food brand or food-related brand, Afrifoodnet is a good place to rest your shoulders.  

Akin Faminu 

Whether it’s street style or a formal outing, Akin Faminu always knows the assignment and this draws people to him. Akin’s influence is felt far beyond the Nigerian blogosphere.  He himself describes Akin Faminu as a brand about everything; fashion, content creation and influence committed to bridging the gap between designers and consumers, through a creative approach. 

Chisom Onwuegbuzia 

Chisom Onwuegbuzia is an Instagram brand influencer, content creator, YouTuber, commercial model and Nollywood actress. She constantly collaborates with skincare, hair and lifestyle brands. So, if your brand falls in this category, Chisom’s over 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 12,000 on YouTube can get you to your customers.  

Dauda Okikijesu 

Dauda Okikijesu, known as Okiki, can make anyone laugh with just a facial expression and has gathered over 530,000 followers through funny skits. Okiki has a loyal following and uses creative funny styles to sell brands in more ways than imaginable. You want a mix of the funny and informative, employ the services of Okiki.  

Adenola Adepetun 

Nigerian TV star and influencer, Adenola Adepetun, known as Denola Grey, is a content creator with experience in on-air presenting and co-production, fashion writing, blogging and public relations. Denola has become a household name in the fashion world and continues to show his prowess in this space, with an Instagram following of over 330,000 followers.  


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