8 shopping malls where your campaign can meet a large audience

The pandemic got nothin’ on shopping malls’.  

On the heels of the global pandemic came a shift towards a more digital world, and triggered changes in online shopping behaviours that were predicted to have lasting effects. Online retail sales increased 32.4% year over year in 2020. Online retail highlights from the last year showcase retail’s pivot to cater to at-home shoppers. Ecommerce was growing fast before COVID-19 hit, and the pandemic pushed even more consumers online.  

That shift to online shopping may not be staying as long as we envisaged knowing that shopping malls across Nigeria have gone back to being go-to places for a mixture of fun and shopping. The malls are getting busier, and it seems the pandemic never happened.  

Shopping centres are much more than their primary purpose, they have become destinations themselves with food halls, cinemas and entertainment spaces, alongside retail stores, for that reason marketing in shopping malls is now a good way to promote products to shoppers. See shopping malls where you can do this:  

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Ikeja City Mall 

Shopping malls - Ikeja City Mall
Ikeja City Mall

The Ikeja City Mall (ICM) is the busiest mall in Nigeria. ICM comprises 100 stores with a desirable mix of retailers trading in renowned quality brands. Shoppers come in and out every minute, and you cannot have a shortage of people to show your brand or service to. It is also a hangout spot and if you mix your product with a fun activity, you are going to get somewhere with your campaign.  

Onitsha Mall 

Shopping malls  - Onitsha Mall
Onitsha Mall

The Onitsha Mall is a shopping centre development in the commercial capital of Anambra. The mall features 52 inline set stores and is located on Park Road in the Onitsha Government Reserved Area. It is also part of a mixed-use precinct that features the Park Inn by Radisson hotel. 

Jabi Lake Mall 

Shopping Malls - Jabi Lake Mall
Jabi Lake Mall

The Jabi Lake makes this shopping mall even more popular. The Jabi Lake Mall is a one-stop leisure, restaurant and retail destination. The site is located ten minutes from the central business district on the shores of Jabi Lake in Abuja, Nigeria. The two-storey mall features a lakeside boardwalk with views over the water. Cinemas, restaurants, cafes and a children’s arcade can also be found at the mall.  

Port Harcourt Mall 

Shopping malls - Port Harcourt Mall
Port Harcourt Mall

The Port Harcourt Mall retail network touches the lives of millions of Nigerians. It hosts over 50 stores and consumers from across the state, including visitors to the state, Rivers.  

Ado Bayero Mall 

Shopping malls - Ado Bayero Mall

The Ado Bayero Mall is Nigeria’s largest shopping mall. It is located in the country’s 2nd largest city in Nigeria by population and sees an ever-busy scene, notwithstanding growing insecurity concerns. Situated in a neighbourhood defined by a well-balanced mix of commercial and residential properties, the mall is located near major access roads such as the Zaria –Maiduguri Highways, and is also adjacent to major landmarks such as Kano Trade Fair Complex and the historic Kano Zoo on Zoo road. This high-profile location guarantees easy access and visibility for all tenants and shoppers, and you.  

The Palms Mall 

Palms Lekki, Lagos
The Palms Mall

The Palms Mall is the second-largest shopping mall and is home to about 70 businesses offering a wide range of products and services ranging from clothing, food, household items, electronic equipment to gift items and a six-screen cinema. Individual experiences at the mall are usually unique, personalised and will lead minds and bodies into a world of inspiration, temptation, innovation, and unimaginable excitement; reason they go back and again to the mall which, in turn, retains its busy nature.

Tinapa Shopping Centre 

Tinapa Shopping Centre offers 54 quality retail outlets, four huge emporia and a vast array of displays of world-class brands ranging from designer labels, perfumes, electronics, fabrics, jewellery, household furniture, accessories, art and craft souvenirs. Its proximity to the Tinapa Resort draws people to the mall who are usually fascinated by the feeling of fun mixed with shopping a mall usually gives.  

Delta City Mall 

Resilient Africa | Delta Mall

The Delta Mall is the first regional-scale shopping centre to be constructed in Warri and represents an ambitious vision of advancement and investment confidence in an area rich with opportunity. The goal is to deliver a standard of shopping, and family-orientated activities, never before experienced in the region. An ambitious goal but draws shoppers from across the state who go back and again to have the personalised experience you can make better with a fun campaign at the mall.  


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