Wudil Cattle Market, Sheme Cattle Market, and Kara Market… Here are the top 10 livestock markets in Nigeria | From The Masterlist

Nigeria is one of the largest livestock-raising countries in West Africa with millions of its citizens depending on the meat industry as a source of livelihood. With the country’s cattle herds estimated at over 16 million per head, Nigeria is by far the leading livestock producer in Central and West Africa. Due to the increasing demands of consumers for meat, various livestock markets have, over time, been established across the country. 

Here are the top livestock markets in Nigeria:

  1. Wudil Cattle Market, Kano: Located in Kano, Wudil Market is the state’s second-largest market for livestock. It is a weekly market with cattle, grains and onions as its primary sales produce each Friday. Customers come from far and near to purchase the animals that could be used for rearing and consumption. The grain segment is another significant part of the Wudil Industry. The main available grains include white maize, yellow maize, sorghum, red, sorghum white, local rice, beans, soya beans, groundnut, cassava and millet.
  1. Sheme Cattle Market, Katsina: In Katsina state, one of the most famous markets is the Sheme Cattle market in the state’s Faskari local government area. It is located along the Funtua-Gusau route, a location that offers easy access every Friday to merchants from various parts of the country. Large flocks of cattle, sheep, goats, camels, fodder, veterinary medicines and other livestock-related things can be found at the market.
  1. Potiskum Cattle Market, Yobe: Potiskum Cattle Market is considered one of Africa’s largest cattle markets and the largest in West Africa. Most cattle are exported to other parts of the country, which provides its local indigenous people with a vast range of business opportunities. Traders at the market have in recent times suffered at the hands of terrorists and bandits. But despite the alarming insecurity present in the era, the market has continued to operate. 
  1. Kara Market, Lagos: The Kara Market is a community of cattle markets located under the Lagos-Ibadan expressway bridge. With many merchants and livestock present, Kara is the number one spot to buy cows in Lagos. The age-long Kara Market is primarily run by Northern Hausa and Fulani merchants.
  1. Maitagari Market, Jigawa:  In the northern part of Jigawa State, Maigatari, the headquarters of the Maigatari Local Government District, is a city along the frontier between Nigeria and the Niger Republic. The town is blessed with a large market that has been operating every week since its creation about 150 years ago. The international cattle market in Maigatari is one of the largest cattle markets in the northern part of the country because on its weekly market day, Thursdays, it supplies over 2 million stocks of cattle for trading.
  1. Amasea cattle market, Anambra: One of the most famous cattle markets in Eastern Nigeria is the Amansea cattle market in Awka, the capital of Anambra state. The cattle market is perfect for those in that part of the country who cannot travel to the North for livestock. 
  1. Oko cattle market,  Delta: Located in Asaba, Delta, the Oko Cattle Market is a suitable place to go for your livestock needs. Northern merchants are known to bring the cattle on foot from the Republics of Chad and Niger. These merchants, who also buy Chadian and Nigerian cattle, move them from the borders to the trailer markets. This was the same means of transport that wholesalers used to carry them to Delta State.
  1. Ugbuwangue cattle market, Warri: Located in Warri, the Ugbuwangue market is characterised by a substantial amount of cattle, sheep, goats, camels, fodder, veterinary drugs and many other things associated with animal husbandry and rearing.
  1. Onyingbo Market, Lagos: In Yaba axis, Lagos, the thriving Onyingbo Market is present. This market has a sister market at Iddo, and they are responsible for the peculiar traffic jams in the area of Onyingbo. There are various commodities on this market, mainly food and livestock, sold at cheap rates. Not as low cost as goods sold on the Ketu Market, however, but still quite affordable.
  1. Maradi Cattle Market, Niger: In the central part of Niger, the Maradi Cattle Market is located. The market is prominent for its sales of the red goat. The red goat is very fertile since, in some situations, it may give birth to 2 or 3 children or even 4. However, its international prestige comes primarily from its delicate, versatile and remarkably strong skin. Therefore, in luxury leather products, this skin is hugely sought after. Its skin quality resulted in its spread outside of the original region.

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