Alaba Market, Computer Village and Army Arena Market… Check out the top 5 exceptional electronics markets in Lagos | From The Masterlist

Where do you go to find high-grade electronic products in the ever-buzzing metropolis of Lagos? There are only a handful of markets, in the city, focused on selling technology-related goods. And so, we’ve drawn up the best and most prominent electronics markets in Nigeria after deliberate and thorough research.

  1. Alaba Market: Of all Africa’s integrated electronics markets, Alaba International Market emerges as one of the best and most prominent.  Situated in Alaba, Ojo, the market is known for its wide variety of electronic products for sale. Except on Sundays and public holidays, the market is open regularly, attracting people from neighbouring countries. The Alaba market, excluding attachments and sub-shops, consists of over five thousand stores. Every day, more than two million people conduct business in this market. The market can be accessed via Iyana Iba or Volks from Badagry on the Badagry-Oshodi-Apapa Expressway. It can also be reached from any part of Lagos via Mile 2/Festac Town to Volks.
  1. Computer Village: Situated in Ikeja, Lagos, Computer Village is considered one of the largest technology markets in Nigeria and Africa. Leading telephone sales shops, laptop shops, phone parts shops, phone repairers and sim activation shops dominate the trading centre. Except for Sundays and public holidays, the market is open regularly. There is healthy competition amongst dealers at the market, and as such, a single dealer is incapable of wielding a monopoly on a specific product. 
  1. Ladipo Market: Ladipo Market is widely regarded as Nigeria’s leading spare parts industry. Mechanics, car owners and others who want to purchase or sell reasonably used vehicles, spare parts are known to patronise the market. Asides from spare parts, the market is also known to sell electronic products such as phones. The industry is crucial and very popular and is notably dominated by Igbo traders.
  1. Army Arena, Oshodi: The Army Shopping Arena is a product of the joint efforts of the Nigerian army and Woobs resources ltd, aimed at providing Nigerians with the perfect shopper’s market. In a select combination of lock-up, open and warehouse systems, the market consists of more than 3,000 stalls, some of which are ensuite. The market offers various products such as drapes, designer wears, paintings and much more. More importantly, the market provides quality electronics for sale, ranging from filming equipment to phone accessories.
  1. Idumota Market, Dosunmu: One of the best places to shop for bulk goods at low prices is Idumota. The market is also one of the main distribution centres for Nollywood (Nigeria’s film industry) home videos. The market is subdivided  into Oke-Aarin,  Apongbon, Balogun,  Idumagbo, Oluwole, and Dosunmu. The Dosunmu division is known for its electronic wares. 

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