Where to get the cheapest shirts, dresses and pants in Abuja

Where do you go to find the cheapest, most affordable second-hand clothes in the high-brow city of Abuja? There are only a handful of markets in the state focused on selling thrift clothing. We’ve drawn up the best and most prominent thrift markets in Abuja after deliberate and thorough research.

1. Wuse Market: The largest market in Abuja is the Wuse Market. The city’s second most important post office is located here. Wuse Market, Abuja’s largest open shopping market, sells a range of products. Anything from crafts to textiles, clothing, housewares, electronics, domestic appliances, and fresh food products can be found in shops and outlets in Wuse Market. 

2. Garki Market: For those looking to thrift shop, this place, like Wuse Market, offers high-quality, brand-new-looking clothes. Foreign brands such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 can also be found at the market, alongside some of the trendiest styles and a wide range of apparel. The Garki market is one of Abuja’s biggest. It is designed in a modern style.

3. Utako Market: The Utako Market, like any other market in Abuja, provides an environment where buyers and sellers can trade in practically everything. This market’s benefit is that it is situated closer to farms where food is made, reducing transportation costs, which could be a major factor in traders offering lower prices. Clothing is also available for purchase at a low cost at the market.

4. Nyanya Market: The Nyanya Market is on the outskirts of Abuja, near the state of Nassarawa. Clothing prices are usually cheap, although they vary depending on the vendor and the item being sold. Unfortunately, because of the constant presence of law enforcement officers in the city, purchasing here can be a bit of a hassle.

5. Dutse Market: Dutse Market has always been well-known, not just because of its proximity to the Kubwa Expressway, but also because it is one of Abuja’s largest market. It is also well-known for its high levels of human and vehicular traffic. The Dutse market has a wide range of items for sale, but the demand for fairly used clothing and shoes is much greater than that for other items.

6. Maraba/Masaka Market: Many Nigerians in the FCT-Abuja and Nasarawa state prefer Maraba Market because agricultural produce is available in large quantities, is reasonably priced, and of good quality. Residents who are interested may also shop for thrift clothing at the market. Produce is slightly less costly. Although the market day is on Sunday, traders sell on Saturday as well.

7. Karimo Market: Karimo is located along the Gwagwa-Karimo Route, off Jabi, Airport Road, Abuja, after the Life Camp Junction. The most striking aspect of Karimo Market is the influx of thousands of people from all over the world. Buyers are known to flock to Karimo Market in search of ‘Okrika’, or bend down boutique, as secondhand clothing is commonly referred to.

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