A guide to the best vegetable markets in Nasarawa

Nasarawa State is one of the 36 States of Nigeria, located in the north-central geopolitical zone of the country. Several marketplaces can also be found in the district. These markets have continued to attract tourists from all over Nigeria as well as from abroad. It also boasts of some of the richest vegetable markets in the country.

  1. Kasuwan Lafiya: Kasuwan Lafiya market is a relatively small market where petty traders gather to display their vegetables, and food produce.
  1. Orange Market: For many Nigerians residing in the FCT-Abuja and Nasarawa state, the New Orange Market in Mararaba is the greatest option since agricultural products are available in large quantities, are inexpensive, and of excellent quality.
  1. Tamar Market Nasarawa: This is another popular food market in Nasarawa state. It is a place where you can get really cheap food and vegetables, most of which are fresh and straight from the farm.
  1. Wamba Market: The Wamba market is located in the Wamba local government in Nasarawa state. It is a market where you can easily find groceries, foodstuffs, and other products.
  1. Keffi Market: The Keffi market sells inexpensive things such as groceries, cosmetics, and other home supplies. The market, however, was recently dismantled, and vendors were ordered to transfer to the newly opened market. Market merchants continue to sell their wares around the market, making it more comparable to a street market.

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