These 10 content creators should be on your campaign list

Amazing is one word you use to describe content creators, not just because they give us laughable, inspirational and informative content, but because they usually know the consumer’s buyer persona – who they are, what their pain points are, and what types of content they’re looking for. To put it succinctly, creating content is one of the best ways to get across who you are as a brand and what your values are. 

Social media content marketing opens a brand up to possibilities. It allows the brand to act playful and less formal, which enables potential customers feel a personal connection with the brand. Indeed, social media content can show a softer side of a brand, and help customers understand how the product/service can solve their problems.  

We cannot overstate the importance of content to the success of a business. Content creators don’t just produce any information. Their contents are usually engaging, interesting and informative, and stand out. This is why we listed the following content creators who would surely take your brand to the ears, eyes, nose and mouth of the (potential) customers.  

Debo Macaroni 

Mr Macaroni is the content creator of the moment. He stands out in the content creation space and you really cannot be making comparisons if you wanted to talk about Mr Macaroni. He presents a brand is such a relatable way that you subconsciously take in a lot of information about the brand before you know it. Debo is an actor, comedian, entrepreneur and social media influencer. He started the popular catchphrase, ‘you are doing well, ooin!’ When Mr Macaroni is not selling a brand, he is teaching a lesson, motivating or sharing important information.  

He has combined followership of 6,522,719.  

Maryam Apaokagi  

Iya Tao is the African mother almost every Nigerian (African) relates to. She is known for her slaps at every slight opportunity and intimidating countenance. Her family which includes Baba Tao, Tao, Young Money T (a supposed singer), and the youngest, Teni, is a mirror of every African home, notwithstanding the tribe or ethnic group. And through this family setting, Taooma passes information with such finesse that every brand wants to have their footprints on her page.  

Taooma has combined followership of 4,534,000.  

Frank Donga 

As far as funny yet informative goes, Kunle Idowu, known as Frank Donga, is the plug. He started with Ndani TV and the interview series and threw his tentacles to making skits on his own. He has now featured in several films, continues to dish out relatable content and grow his fanbase.  

Frank Donga has combined followership of 976,895.  

Ogechi Ukonu 

Ogechi Ukonu, known as Caramel Plug, is one other comic content creator, and YouTuber. Her comedic video/rant about TV show, ‘Game of Thrones’ got her as many followers on social media. She is the relatable young Nge 

She has combined followership of 1,136,900.  

Michael Sani 

Michael Sani, known as MC Lively, portrays an every day character striving to survive harsh realities presented to him and makes it relatable in every sense. He is a lawyer, actor and comedian; but has particularly carved out a niche for himself with comic skits that also address social issues and sell brands as far as publicity goes.  

Michael Sani has combined followership of 4,241,720.  

Mariam Bakre

Mariam Bakre, popularly known as Mory Coco, is a comical content creator, a YouTube lifestyle vlogger, food blogger and an entrepreneur. In delivering her comic skits, Mariam showcases her religion and its practices. Mariam is married to Femi Bakre, the CEO of Kraks Tv and one of the pioneers of comical contents in Nigeria. in the process.  

Mariam Bakre has combined followership of 210,454.  

Femi Imokhai Owolabi 

Femi Imokhai Owolabi, known simply as Femi, portrays a comic character whose depth makes one watch his skits again and again. He creates content out of every day issues and trends on social media. Femi may be simply mimic a popular individual or content and sound funnier than the original. You cannot leave Femi out of the picture, because people usually want to see how funny the original can be when recreated. Also, because Femi will sell that product/service and leave people thinking deeply about patronising the brand.  

Femi Owolabi has combined followership of 330,418.  

Steve Chuks

Akaelu Steven Ebuka also known as Steve Chuks is an actor, content creator, host, comedian and vlogger. As an online content creator, he has focused his content on the nature of women and how they react to different situations. He uses his alter ego, Cleopatra, a very classy woman, in a lot of his skits.

Steve Chuks has combined followership of 812,823.  

Ezeani Chinaza 

Ezeani Chinaza, known as Miss Ezeani, is indeed a creative genius and you most likely will go back to her page(s) again and again to watch her videos. Like most other comic characters, Ezeani uses relatable content to sell brands and you’ll surely see a brand written all over a skit anytime you visit her page. She also uses social issues to pass information and engages in more ways than one.  

Miss Ezeani has combined followership of 112,323.  

Xploit Comedy  

The Xploit Comedy group led by Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo, known as Brizy,  continues to thrill their fans with comic skits that cause laughter. Xploit comedy draws out social issues and makes it into a funny video, making you laugh all the way. They have a wide audience that continues to grow and can reach as many people as you imagine. They post content that people engage with and almost always share, even to WhatsApp statuses.  

Xploit comedy has combined followership of 2,764,000.  


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