The best markets in Kogi for your buying needs

Kogi was formed in 1991 from parts of the states of eastern Kwara and western Benue. Kogi State is notable for being Nigeria’s only state that borders ten other provinces. It has a diverse selection of supermarkets, malls, and traditional markets.

Many businesses have started to incorporate exhibitions and other related events into their marketing campaigns, with some also conducting product launches in these markets. We’ve compiled a list of the best markets in Kogi based on our extensive analysis.

Markets in Kogi
  1. Lokoja International Market (New Market):  Lokoja International Market  is one of the main markets in the capital city(Lokoja) of Kogi State, Nigeria. Varieties of foods, textiles and many other products are traded here. The essential products sold in these markets are grains, vegetables and general household items.
  1. Lokoja Old Market: Lokoja Old Market is one of the major markets in Lokoja. Distribution of fish species is majorly common in the market, specifically freshwater species even though there are traces of brackish and marine fish species. Despite the market’s long historical background, low level of former education and poor market infrastructures are the major constraints of the market.
  1. Idah Main Market (Egah): Idah Main Market is a very big market where one can purchase anything at affordable prices. Produces such as palm produce, yams, cassava [manioc], rice, fish are famously traded in this market. 
  1. Ajaka Main Market: This market sells a wide range of products, from clothes to food. It’s an open market where vendors sell their wares and customers purchase them.
  1. Anyigba Market: Anyigba market is a market where all agricultural produce is sold at a relatively lower price than other markets. Yams, cassava, beans, corn, babaranuts, groundnuts, fishes, rice, cowpeas, and a variety of other products are among them. You may also purchase a variety of other items such as clothing, jewelry, and various other items.
  1. Aliade Main Market: Aliade Main Market is an average Nigeria market where a variety of goods are sold. Market is every five days when people from various places bring their goods to the market to sell. The market is not really divided into sections. All goods are sold together. It is the only big market in Aliade town and its environment.
  1. Ofu Market:  Ofu Market operates on a regular basis for the benefit of those who live in the city, making transactions convenient. Ofu Market is a place where you can get really cheap food and vegetables, most of which are fresh and straight from the field.

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