Taaooma, Maraji and Oli Ekun…Check out the top 10 skit-makers in Nigeria

In recent times, social media influencers have taken a different shape; showcasing entertainment in the different art form of skit making. Several of the most prominent influencers in Nigeria double as clever skit-makers. Skit-making serves as an effective tool in the hands of brands for advertising. Here are the top ten skit-makers in the Nigerian scene that are drawing in significant brands.

  1. Taaooma: Taaooma, also known as Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam, has mastered the art of delivering humorous skits alongside poignant messages. She’s been known to embed political statements and vital social commentary in her videos. Taaooma brilliantly showcases products and brands in her videos without overwhelming the audience or making it evident that it is an advert. 
  2. Lasisi: Nosa Afolabi, better known as Lasisi Elenu, is a Nigerian comedian and actor. He is one of Nigeria’s most popular influencers; known for his ‘wide mouth’ disguise filter that graces most of his skits. Lasisi’s greatest strength is his ability to assume varying characters; ranging from a strict mother to a yahoo boy. 
  3. Maraji: Gloria Oloruntobi, better known as Maraji, is one of the foremost comedians and skit-makers in Nigeria. She stepped into the limelight, making lip sync videos, miming songs, and slowly morphed into someone who could play varying characters. She’s capable of performing varying accents to fit the character she plays. She recently took a long term break from skit making but is now back in full force.
  4. Frank Donga: Kunle Idowu, popularly known as Frank Donga, is a Nigerian actor and comedian. He strutted into the spotlight with the web series, The Interview, on NdaniTV. Frank was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy in the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award. He soon started making skits which usually have political and social commentary. 
  5. Mr Macaroni: Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni, was a prominent face during the #EndSARS protest. He actively participated in demonstrations, both online and physically. Apart from his sterling record as an activist, he became known to the public as a skit-maker. The online media influencer became known for his expression ‘ooin you’re doing well’. He assumes the character of a ‘sugar daddy’, womaniser and lavish spender in most of his skits. 
  6. Josh2funny: Josh Alfred, otherwise known as Josh2funny, has been working at the comedy industry for quite a long time but he didnt properly ‘blow’ until last year. His ‘Don’t leave me’ challenge was what made him a comedy sensation. 
  7. Oli Ekun: Olalekan Olaleye, also known as Oli Ekun and Agba, has cemented a comedy status on social media. He is known for playing a smooth-talking, Yoruba womaniser in his skits.  He recently started branching out in his skit making, assuming different roles and more characters. His smooth, suave ways made him a suitable face in a recent Guinness campaign. 
  8. Broda Shaggi: Samuel Animashaun Perry, better known as Broda Shaggi, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, songwriter and musician. He plays the character of an ‘Area boy’ in most of his skits. This character allows him to showcase brands that want to connect with the masses.
  9. Sydney Talker: Sydney Talker, also known as Sydney Egere, has built a fantastic audience on Instagram. His loyal following has helped staple him as one of the top skit-makers in the country. Although he’s made some controversial skits in recent times, he still enjoys a lot of fan love. He’s also known to team up with other influencers and celebrities in his skits.
  10. Oluwadolarz: OluwaDolarz, also known as Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde, is not only a growing musician but a talented comedian. He and his quick-witted younger brother team up to deliver humorous content and skits. 

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