Top 10 radio stations in Lagos

The continual growth of technology has given people more ways to access information. You could switch on your TV and tune in to any channel or watch on your phone, or go to a social media platform, or read a newspaper online, or listen to local and international news on radio stations. All these mediums continue to play an important role in information sharing. 

Radio broadcasts can provide real-time information, broadcasted 24 hours a day to provide the most recent updates to listeners. Stations have the ability to reach across borders and become a source of information where reliable news is scarce. Its reliability is such that even a lack of electricity cannot hinder the listener from tuning in. Radio goes where newer technologies can’t.  

Local radio is most important to local communities for more than just breaking news and communication during an emergency. They provide an outlet for normal community messaging and activities such as local sports, community events, special events, local business advertising, and so on.  

Radio still has the widest audience footprint, reaching millions, especially those who have no access to the internet – and those who are loyal to the medium.  

See top radio stations in Lagos:  

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  1. Brila FM  
  1. The Beat FM  
  1. Wazobia FM 
  1. Cool FM  
  1. Soundcity Radio 
  1. Inspiration FM  
  1. Rhythm FM 
  1. EKO FM  
  1. Classic FM 
  1. Max FM  

Brila FM  

Founded by frontline sports entrepreneur, analyst and presenter, Larry Izamoje, Nigeria’s foremost sports news house, Brila FM, has grown into a robust establishment with a dynamic online presence through the Brila audio-visual App to reach sports fans anywhere, anytime, every time. With headquarters in Lagos, Brila FM has branches in Abuja, Kaduna and Onitsha, Nigeria. The radio operates on the 88.9 FM frequency. 

The Beat FM  

The Beat99.9 FM is a commercial English-medium entertainment, music and information radio station targeted at an informed audience in the 15-35 age group and generally those who are young at heart. It is a full-service station broadcasting entertainment news, topical news, traffic, sports and weather information. All these elements are rolled into hot and exciting breakfast, afternoon and evening drive time shows. The station transmits 24-hours at 99.9 FM.  

Wazobia FM  

Say it is never a dull moment with Wazobia FM, starting with the ‘Una Wake Up Show’ from 4 am to 9 am and many more programmes all through the day. Wazobia FM is renowned for its humorous approach to broadcasting and airs a mixture of news, features, sport, music (from popular Nigerian music, hip hop, highlife to world music and reggae), talk shows, topical issues and interviews. The station transmits 24-hours at 95.1FM. 

Cool FM  

Cool FM begins the day’s shows with ‘The Breakfast’ Show that runs from 5 am to 9 am and has become quite popular for this and other shows that run through the day. Cool FM is one of the most popular music radio stations broadcasting in Nigeria, with its main office in Lagos and other outlets in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kano. The station transmits 24-hours at 96.9 FM. 

Soundcity Radio  

Soundcity Radio Network is a Nigerian FM radio and nationwide digital radio station using the power of music to bring together young influencers and Nigerian youth. Soundcity 98.5 FM Lagos is the first on the radio network and powered by music. Soundcity Radio Network music quota leans more to Nigerian music with over 70% of music played from local artists and 30% split between other African and Foreign music. 

Inspiration FM  

Inspiration FM incorporates ideas, music and information intended to uplift the spirit of the listener and encourage interaction. The aim is to infuse positive energy into the minds of listeners to help them understand their environment and navigate the challenges they encounter daily. Inspiration 92.3FM engages, inspires, motivates, entertains, informs, and educates. 

Rhythm FM  

The mission of Rhythm FM is to search out and expose great new music to people who otherwise may never encounter it. Rhythm 93.7 FM Lagos is an English-speaking commercial radio station located in Victoria Island, Lagos, and broadcasts an urban contemporary radio format, playing a variety of music genres including R&B, hip hop, with a blend of culture and style. 


EKO FM broadcasts a blend of programmes that excite and inform listeners. The station’s hallmark is its technical success at enabling live signals from Lagos into eight states within Nigeria. This spread ensures a ready market for promos and campaigns. The station transmits 24-hours at 89.7 FM. 

Classic FM  

Classic FM is a privately owned commercial radio station that targets the upwardly mobile over the 30-age group who are the high-profile consumers in the local economy. The objective is to dominate the listeners from this group via a great mix of classic music from Soul to Jazz, Rock to Country, R&B to Reggae, there is Calypso and of course Nigerian and African Classics. 

Max FM  

102.3 MAX FM is your home for the best hit music. Max FM delivers premium quality music mixed with news, celebrity gist, traffic reports and weather updates. Max FM used to be Radio Continental until its transition to Max Fm and acquisition of the best radio voices to bring the best radio experience to you.  


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