Popular shopping malls in Kano

Kano, northern Nigeria’s largest city is home to the highest number of malls in the region. The city also has the largest and busiest markets in the region. The ancient, dusty town of Kano is place one may want to shop and in case you decide to snub the open markets for your shopping needs there are a number of good malls on offer to choose from.

  1. Ado Bayero Mall: This is the largest mall in Kano and Nigeria’s northeast. Popular known as ‘Shoprite’ due to the presence of South Africa’s retail outlet as one of the occupants of the mall, the mall has everything one can find in any big mall. Restaurants, household items, cinema, food, fruits and beverages. Local items and antics are also on sale at select stores in the mall.
  2. Country Mall: Country Mall is also known as Farm center and is the place to shop for your groceries, household items, wines, spirits and is located in Nasarawa local government of Kano metropolis. The mall also houses a large electronic and gadget dealership making it the ideal market for people seeking to get new phones, laptops and home appliances.
  3. Hajarat Shopping Mall: This all provides shopping services on frozen foods, wines, beverages, baby foods, biscuits, chocolates, cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, households, food seasoning, cooking oil, gift items and toys. This makes the mall a favorite spot for women and families. The mall is located in the Hotoro industrial area and the industries in the area feed the mall with fresh supplies.
  4. Galaxy Mall: This is the largest mall in the Sabon Gari area of Kano state. The mall serves mostly non indegenes in the state who live in the Sabon Gari area for this reason alcoholic beverage which is banned in the state is sold at the mall, on of the few places in the state where it is sold. The mall was vandalized in October 2020 during the ENDSARS protest but has since been renovated.
  5. Game Store: Game Store, part of the Ado Mall is dedicated to the sale of electronics and electrical. The mall deals in international brands such as Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.
  6. Farah Mall: Farah mall is a medium sized mall in the Fagge area of Kano. The mall caters to the shopping needs of the middle- and low-income earners of the city. The mall has a blend of quality and affordability in the products and services they offer.


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