Popular markets to shop for jewellery in Kano

Kano, northern Nigeria’s largest city is a hub of commerce and business. Besides Lagos, the city has some of the biggest and successful businesses in Nigeria. One area Kano however thumps Lagos and any city in Nigeria is in its vast jewellery markets. 
The city has been a hub for dealers in gold and other ornamental items for centuries and to date, some of the finest and cheapest ornamentals are found in the city. If you happen to find yourself in the city by chance and feel like shopping for some jewellery. These are some of the markets to visit.

  1. Kurmi Market: This market is possibly the oldest market in Nigeria. Founded in 1463 by the Emir of Kano, Mohammad Rumfa It is positioned almost at the centre of Kano City and is one of its largest. The market has been a hub for jewellers for centuries and the tradition has continued to date. Items one can expect to find there include locally woven materials, local textiles, dyed materials, sculptures, carved stones, silver pieces of jewellery, beaded pieces of jewellery, jewellery box, leather shoes, bags, wallets and stuffed animals. The market is almost exclusively for ornamentals and pieces of jewellery.
  2. Yankura Market: Yankura market is the most diverse market in Kano state and has dealers from across Nigeria. Although jewelries are not the major items sold at this market (mostly textiles, bags, shoes and chemicals) the market still has  a lot of jewelers who sell fine ornamentals at good rates .
  3. Kantin Kwori Market: Kantin Kwori is one the largest markets in Kano and is the base of jewelers who import from the Middle East. If you are a fan of gold necklaces, watches or earrings imported from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, this is the market for you.
  4. Kofar Wanbai Market: Many items are on offer at Kopfar Wanbai market, from textiles to shoes, books and even livestock. The market has an entire section for jewellery and gold — you should pay a visit to this section if all you want is jewellery.
  5. Tarauni Market: At Tarauni market the business of ornamentals is taken to a new different level entirely. Besides selling already-made jewelry, gold is also sold in grams at the market. The market has some of the finest pieces of jewelry you find anywhere in Kano. If you desire to purchase raw gold for yourself, gold is measured and sold in grams at the market. You would have to be familiar with the scale however, so as not to be cheated. 

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