7 popular markets in Lagos and what they sell

Lagos is a city that prides itself as a centre of commerce and the city has its buzzing markets to show for it. From its open markets to its large, beautiful malls, Lagos makes shopping an experience to remember and look forward to. There are certain markets popular for certain goods or services and it is important to know this before setting out to shop. Some markets also offer better rates than others particularly if you have a silver tongue and you’re well versed in the art of bargaining.
Here’s a list of the 7 most popular markets in the city and what they sell.

  1. Mile 12 Market: Off the popular Ikorodu Road, Mile 12 Market is perhaps the largest food market in the city. Situated in the fringes of Lagos, the market offers the cheapest prices on tomatoes, onions, meat, beans and almost any edible one can find in Lagos.
  2. Balogun Market: The largest market in the city, where both locally made and imported fabrics, shoes, bags and other fashion accessories can be purchased. Balogun Market is the heart of Lagos Island. Located within a stone’s throw of Broadstreet, the market is one of the reasons Lagos became the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria.
  3. Aswani Market: Located in the industrial part of Isolo, Lagos, Aswani is popular for fairly used clothing and shoes popular known as “Okrika” or “second hand”. The market day is on Tuesday and the market is packed to capacity on that day. As is the case with all markets in Lagos, there are small portions for sale of foodstuffs and other non-clothing material.
  4. Alaba International Market: This is the largest electronics market in Nigeria. Alaba Market is situated on the Lagos-Badagry expressway in Ojo Local government and is home to some of the richest businessmen in Lagos and Nigeria. Everything from Televisions, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators to microwaves and pressing iron are all sold at cheap rates here.
  5. Trade Fair Complex: Trade Fair market in Amuwo Local government is the go-to market for women’s apparels and cosmetics. A part of the market also specializes in auto parts and motorcycles.
  6. Epe Fish Market: Lagos is surrounded by water, so getting fresh water fish in any part of the state won’t be a problem but there’s a distinct difference with the fish being sold at Epe Fish Market. For those with exotic tastes there is wild game on sale (snails, alligators, tortoise etc). Most of the fish on sale are still alive and can be found swimming in specially woven baskets that are kept in ponds spread around the market.
  7. Idumota market: For all your electrical needs, Idumota is the market to beat for variety and prices. Some of the largest dealers in electrical products are domiciled at the market. Cables, sockets, extensions, bulbs and even Nollywood movies are all sold in bulk at this market.

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