Popular markets to shop for textiles in Port Harcourt

Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt is the fifth-largest city in Nigeria after Lagos, Kano, Ibadan and Benin City. The city is popularly known for its bubbly lifestyle and a thriving commercial community. The city houses some of the largest markets in Nigeria including the popular Rumokoro Market – which the state government is heavily invested in developing the market to an ultra-modern market destination. The city is home to one of the largest textile industries in Nigeria, producing beautiful fabrics and patterns that are sold locally and across state lines.

Here are a few spots to shop for textile in Port Harcourt:

  1. Mile 3 Market: If you are lookig for where to find cheap fabrics, Mil 3 Market is the spot for you. This market offers a variety of options for consumers to choose from. Mile 3 market is also quite accessible as it opens everyday of the week. One of the amazing things for textile traders in this market is that their products are affordable.
  2. Choba Market: This market is located near the University of Port Harcourt on the outskirts of Port Harcourt. In Choba, there are a varity of items – from foods to clothing. The rates in Choba are affordable due to the close proximity to the university. Getting textiles here is affordable becuase the prices are made to consider students who live in the environment. The market is open every day, but prices are significantly lower on Choba Market Day, which occurs every eight days.
  3. Leventis bus stop: Leventis is a small market on Aba Road, Port Harcourt. It is close to the well-known Leventis bus stop. This market also offers affordable fabrics, clothing and shoes. The market is open to traders all through the week except on Sundays.
  4. Rumuokoro Market: Rumokoro is a probably the most popular market in Rivers. The market is also a few meters away from Nigeria’s second richest local government sector (Obio Akpor). Getting textiles from this market is quite easy. There are a variety of options in this market – from fairly used clothing, also known as ‘OK clothes,’ to first-grade clothes, Rumokoro has everything. The market opens everyday.
  5. Market Junction, Garrison: This is not an official market spot. However, traders gather at Market Junction in Garrison to sell textiles amogst other items. At Market Junction, one can get textiles at an affordable price. There are also a host of options to choose from. There is no official hours of operation but traders often gather her most evening on weekdays and Saturdays. There is close to no activities here on Sunday.

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