Outdoor formats in Jigawa marketing teams can use for their campaigns

There are many options for out-of-home advertising, including billboards, mobile ads, shopping malls, buses, bus stops, overhead bridges and taxis. You might be wondering why people still consider outdoor advertising to be cost-effective. But what good is an idea or a message if left in the dark? Choosing an effective site to place an advert is the first step in ensuring that the target audience gets to see it.

Studies show that most working-class Nigerians spend over 70% of their time away from home, no matter the region. Essentially, this makes Out of home (OOH) a vital piece of the marketing mix of most companies. Depending on the type of billboard, it would cost between ₦400,000 to ₦7,000,000 to place an outdoor billboard advert anywhere in Nigeria. 

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Here are some of the prime locations to have your billboard adverts in Jigawa:

  1. 48 Sheet, Madube Bypass
  2. 48 Sheet, Hadejia
  3. 48 Sheet, Gumel
  4. 48 Sheet, Gumel
  5. Unipole, First roundabout
  6. 48 Sheet, Emir Palace road

48 Sheet, Madube Bypass

This billboard’s proximity to the main market makes it easy for people from different parts of the state who visit the market to buy and sell. It meets commuters running to hundreds every day of the week.

48 Sheet, Hadejia

Hadejia is a popular location in Jigawa known for its rich culture and large population. If you want to reach Jigawa’s middle-class individuals or the bourgeoisie, ensure to use this billboard. It is located on New Market road, opposite Unilever.

48 Sheet, Gumel

Gumel or Gumal is a city and traditional emirate in Jigawa. It is a popular location and not far from Hadejia, also having a large population, including middle-class individuals and young people. It is located along Hadejia road.

48 Sheet, Gumel

This is another billboard in Gumel, but this is located at Town Market along Maigatara road. Its proximity to the market gives it visibility to traders and consumers from the Gumel and surrounding towns, including farmers near and far.

Unipole, First roundabout

Commuters going to Jigawa from Kano will meet this billboard, as it is located at the First roundabout opposite a filling station.

48 Sheet, Emir Palace road

It is located along Emir Palace road, beside Dutse Sports Complex, Dutse. This is close to Hadejia and is a busy road for those travelling in and out of Jigawa. The Emir Palace road is the palace and residence of the traditional head of the Dutse Emirate.


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