These 10 Nigerian Writers will help sell your brand campaign

Brand Communication through marketing campaigns, activations is essential in any business. It is a way to attract clients and make a profit. Today, marketing has evolved and we now have online marketing. Through the internet, brands can market to a wider audience. Traditional marketing methods are not as popular because of the existence of online marketing. 

However, even when you want to go traditional, the content of the message has to be relatable and explanatory. This is why you need professional writers to do this well. Indeed, writers bring the salt that can make the soup sweeter than it already is. 

Writers usually have the knowledge of what to say, how to say it, and make the message as concise as possible. Writers can use words to attract customers, start a conversation, and speak to the intended audience. This is why we have listed these Nigerian writers you can work with. 

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See 10 Nigerian writers whose services you can employ for your marketing campaigns: 

  1. Itiola Jones
  2. Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau
  3. Babajide Ogunsanya
  4. Kenneth Ndukaku Omeruo
  5. Adachioma Ezeano
  6. Roy Udeh-Ubaka
  7. Ope Adedeji
  8. Abubakar Adam Ibrahim
  9. Yemisi Aribisala
  10. Chigozie Obioma

Itiola Jones

I. S. Jones is a queer American Nigerian poet and music journalist. She is a graduate fellow with the Watering Hole and holds fellowships from Callaloo, Boaat Writer’s Retreat, and Brooklyn Poets. I. S. hosts a month-long workshop every April called the Singing Bullet. I. S.. coedited the young African poets’ anthology: The fire that is dreamed of (Agbowó, 2020) and served as the inaugural nonfiction guest editor for Lolwe. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Guernica, Frontier Poetry, Washington Square Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Hobart Pulp, the Rumpus, The Offing, Shade Literary Arts, Blood Orange Review, Honey Literary, and so on. 

Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau is a human nutritionist, documentary photographer, and author of two chapbooks, For Boys Who Went and The Arrival of Rain. Adedayo is an Assistant Editor at Animal Heart Press, a Contributing Editor for Poetry at Barren Magazine and a Poetry reader at Feral. His works have appeared or are forthcoming on Mineral Lit, Glass, Jalada Africa, Linden Avenue, and elsewhere. Adedayo was said to have curated and edited the biggest poetry anthology by Nigerian poets, Memento: An Anthology of Contemporary Nigerian Poetry. His chapbook, Origin of Names, was selected by Chris Abani and Kwame Dawes for New Generation African Poet (African Poetry Book Fund), 2020. 

Babajide Ogunsanya

Jide Ogunsanya is a blogger who does blogging, web designing/development, social media, and so on. Jide Ogunsanya is the founder and proprietor of He derives joy in writing tutorials on blogging, social media and money-making niches. Jide is the creator of the group on Facebook, BloggersLab, where bloggers rob minds together. When it comes to writing SEO friendly posts, Jide is one of your best bets. Jide is also very good at using social media networks especially Facebook, in marketing anything online.

Kenneth Ndukaku Omeruo

Kenneth Ndukaku Omeruo is the Founder of TechTrends Nigeria Blog. He is an Internet Marketing Consultant who has through his seminars, articles, training and consulting, helped organisations, individuals, businesses maximise the internet for business purposes. Kenneth is the author of the Book: How To Create Unlimited Internet Wealth. His articles are well published online and in print. He has also been a contributing editor of Nigeria Communications Week, Africa Telecom and IT Business Magazine, ICT Today magazine, M2 magazine.

Adachioma Ezeano

Adachioma Ezeano studied English Education at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, worked with First Bank of Nigeria before moving to Kentucky. She is an alumnus of the Purple Hibiscus Workshop taught by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Her works or interviews have appeared in McSweeney’s Quarterly, Electric Literature, FlashBack Fictions, Deyu African, Brittle Paper. In 2019, she got nominated for Best of the Net and Best Small Fictions. In 2020, her work got anthologised in Best Small Fictions, 2020. 

Roy Udeh-Ubaka

Roy Udeh-Ubaka is a 2018 alumnus of the Purple Hibiscus Creative Writers Workshop. His works have appeared in Bakwa, McSweeney’s Quarterly, Wasafiri, and elsewhere. In 2019, he was named by Electric Literature as ‘One of the Most Promising New Voices of Nigerian Fiction,’ in a feature introduced by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. He’s a two-time Awele Creative Trust finalist and lives and writes in Enugu. 

Ope Adedeji

Ope Adedeji is a writer and editor from Lagos. She is an editor-at-large at Zikoko Magazine and was the managing editor at Ouida Books. Her work has appeared in Catapult, Lolwe, and McSweeney’s Quarterly. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Koffi Addo Prize for Creative Nonfiction by Writivism and was an Artist Managers and Literary Activists Fellow in the same year. She is an alumnus of the Purple Hibiscus Trust Creative Writing Workshop (2018) and the winner of the 2019 Brittle Paper Award for African Fiction.

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is a Nigerian creative writer and journalist. He was described by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle as a northern Nigerian “literary provocateur” amidst the international acclaim his award-winning novel Season of Crimson Blossoms received in 2016. Ibrahim is the Features Editor at the Daily Trust newspaper. Ibrahim’s reporting from North-East Nigeria has won particular critical acclaim. In May 2018, he was announced as the winner of the Michael Elliot Award for Excellence in African Storytelling, awarded by the International Center for Journalists, for his report “All That Was Familiar”, published in Granta magazine in May 2017. Who won’t want an experienced storyteller on their marketing team? 

Yemisi Aribisala

Yemisi Aribisala is a Nigerian essayist, writer, painter, and food memoirist. She has been described as having a “fearless, witty, and unapologetic voice“. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, Vogue magazine, Chimurenga, Popula, Google Arts & Culture, The Johannesburg Review of Books, Critical Muslim 26: Gastronomy, Sandwich Magazine (The African Scramble), The Guardian (UK), Aké Review, and Olongo Africa. Yemisi is renowned for her work in documenting Nigerian food as an entry point to thinking and understanding the culture and society. Her first book, Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex, and the Nigerian Taste Buds, won the John Avery Prize at the André Simon Book Awards 2016.

Chigozie Obioma

Chigozie Obioma is a Nigerian writer. He is best known for writing the novels The Fishermen and An Orchestra of Minorities (2019), both of which were shortlisted for the Booker Prize in their respective years of publication. His work has been translated into more than 25 languages. In December 2020, Obioma was named as a judge for the 2021 Booker Prize. As of 2021, Obioma is James E. Ryan Associate Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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