12 Facebook communities whose services marketing teams can employ

With almost 3 billion users globally and 1.8 billion daily users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform for communication and interaction. Generally, valuable content, video posts, and the classic organic post are the standard type of posts. Facebook Communities also give users the opportunity to connect with people who are not in their immediate environment or circle. Many of the popular Facebook pages in the world – Coca Cola, Megan Fox, The Twilight Saga, Lada Gaga fan pages – have members who speak different languages and with different backgrounds. But they bring people together from different tribes, who connect, banter, form lasting friendships and even, meet physically.                   

Facebook communities provide an opportunity for brands to meet users – their target audience – where they most times spend their time. Nigerian Facebook users keep growing, and with 27,120,000 users as of 2019, there is a possibility of seeing 30 million users by 2023. 25 to 34-year-olds account for 32.8 per cent of Facebook users in Nigeria, whereas just three per cent of users are aged between 55 and 64 years old. Facebook users use the platform to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter. As they do this, you can use the opportunity to find new customers and build lasting relationships with them.  

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See 12 Facebook communities brands can leverage as they spread their gospels this December:  

  1. Open Market Nigeria 
  1. Ask the Gynaecologist 
  1. Female IN 
  1. Lagos Market 
  1. Port Harcourt Nigeria Online Market Place 
  1. Once a mum, always a mum 
  1. Portfolio 9 
  1. RantHQ 
  1. Nigeria Declutter Market 
  1. Spangler Market & Vent Sq 
  1. Kaduna Central Market 
  1. Shop From Aba 

Open Market Nigeria 

As the name suggests, Open Market Nigeria gives users an opportunity to sell, promote their goods and services, only that this time, it is an online market. It is a group aimed at encouraging trading online via the Facebook platform. Open Market Nigeria has 131,814 members. Like you do on e-commerce platforms, you could use Open Market Nigeria to buy and sell in seamless ways.  

Ask The Gynaecologist (ATG) 

The Ask The Gynaecologist (ATG) Facebook platform is a group created as a means to help people especially women make sense of their ever-evolving body constitution. This group discussion deals with the female reproductive systems and parts of the female body that needs attention. This group has a large followership structure and it’s always buzzing with discussions. ATG ultimately aims to improve and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in Africa and promote positive discussion on maternal healthcare issues. ATG has 95,972 followers.  

Female IN (FIN) 

FIN is a movement of 1,800,000+ women focused on building compassion, providing support and nurturing the power of self-expression in a culture where women are meant to be seen and not heard. FIN is led by Lola Omolola and has 196,921 followers.  

Lagos Market 

Lagos Market is a place to buy and sell goods. Followers simply post goods to sell, and services they offer and, anyone interested would contact the seller, seeing that the seller posts the good/service with contact details and prices – cheaper prices than some other e-markets too. Lagos market has 11,523 members spread across the country, making it a good place to key in a brand message or run a campaign.  

Port Harcourt Nigeria Online Market Place 

This fan page is created so people around Port-Harcourt can sell, buy and exchange goods in local areas or according to their sale arrangements. There is something for everyone. You can buy practically anything at great prices. Whether you’re looking for the latest electronics, designer fashion, rare antiques, your favourite toy, furniture for your home or even a new car, here you can put it up for sale or purchase it. All the seller has to do is put up a picture of the good and a description. This is an opportunity for brands to meet people where they buy and sell. The page has 44,188 members.  

Once a mum, always a mum 

Once a mum, always a mum is a support group for discussing issues regarding women, marriage, motherhood, kids, empowerment, recipes, relationship, love, and more. Members celebrate and encourage themselves as women to stand tall above issues that affect them, sharing their experiences, (good or bad) to instil faith and motivation to face life’s struggles in every woman. So, if your brand message is ‘women struggle’ oriented or targeted at women, this page is for you.  

Portfolio 9 

Portfolio 9 (Community) is a Digital Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Platform (DEEP), sundry skills station, and real-time Business Clinic/Diagnostic hub. p9 is a disruptive grassroots entrepreneurship and innovative empowerment movement targeting people at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). It delivers ENTREPRENEURSHIP to the ‘Digital-Doorsteps’ of entities at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP), using social media. It has 604,145 members and a high engagement rate you can leverage.  


RantHQ is a social platform available to approved members to air their thoughts, experiences and opinions freely and directly for the fun of it or actually seeking support and comfort. It is equally a platform for raising funds to support charitable programs and events. RantHQ started August 9, 2017, as a joke in the UK. The platform provides people with the avenue to joke, rant, vent, rave for the fun of it. It eventually became a platform; offering people the opportunity to speak confidently. Ultimately, RantHQ has now become a hub for individuals to share, rant, rave, support and comfort one another with a view to making a difference and changing the world. RantHQ has 134,597 followers.  

Nigeria Declutter Market 

Without a doubt, the purchasing power of many Nigerians is low, so a community where fairly used goods are sold will surely thrive. Reason the Nigeria Declutter Market group was created January 22, 2021, and already has 39,724 members. Members of the market buy and sell new and fairly used items, which are in perfect condition. The community was created by Ufuoma Debby and is one of those Facebook communities whose growth is imminent.  

Spangler Market & Vent Sq 

Spangler Market & Vent Sq is a social community global market where buying, selling and business takes place. This group is majorly to ease the buying and selling process. Members also vent their business struggles, adventures, trials, temptations, frustrations etc. and also life general issues. All products are sold at a discounted rate for members only. So, go here and meet 253,312 people where they buy and sell.  

Kaduna Central Market 

Like other Facebook communities where members/followers buy and sell, the Kaduna Central Market offers members to sell fairly used products at lower prices than physical markets, and make buying and selling an easy ride. The options at the market are not exclusive to fairly used goods, but also new products – all coming at lower prices. It has 26,504 members and a high engagement rate.  

Shop from Aba 

Aba is popular for its markets – the clothes, the shoes, the bags and so on. Shop from Aba is birthed from a passion to sell the Made in Aba brand to the world. Made in Aba products is a top priority for the creators of the group, though they welcome all sellers from other locations to showcase their goods using the appropriate platforms. It has 83,939 followers, so if you want to meet them and sell your message, use this group.  


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