Major go-to markets in Plateau State

Experiential marketing, rather than using more traditional media, leaves a lasting impression and builds stronger relationships with consumers all over the world. It focuses on assisting consumers in experiencing a brand by immersing them in the product in a way they have never experienced before. As a result, many brands have begun to incorporate exhibitions and other similar events into their campaigns, even going so far as to choose market places as the location for some of their demonstrations.

Here are some of the top markets in Plateau perfect for your brand’s next marketing exhibition:

Plateau State
  1. Abattoir Market: Abattoir Market is easily considered the best source of meat in the Plateau State Capital Region, with big wholesale for pretty much any modern quantity of meat, as well as comprehensive acquisition and butchering services. This location also has a full-service food market with everything you need for a modern African meal, from root to flour, nut to fruit.
  1. Terminus, Jos Main Market: The Jos Main Market, also known as the Jos Terminal Market, was a state-of-the-art market in Jos, Nigeria’s capital. It was regarded as West Africa’s largest indoor market. It was established by Joseph Gomwalk, the first Military Governor of the old Benue-Plateau State, and served as a hub for the selling of a variety of goods, including cosmetics and clothes.
  1. Bukuru Market: On Saturdays, the market is particularly crowded. It’s known for its low-cost vegetables, Irish potatoes, and second-hand clothes and shoes, which the locals refer to as “gwanjo.” All is within walking distance, from building materials to grains and foodstuffs, as well as local soup ingredients, processed foods, and meat. It’s crowded, and finding a parking spot is difficult, but the roads are in good shape, and the market is easily accessible. 
  1. Tuduwadan Market: In this market, a variety of commodities are on display for exchange; They include everything from agricultural products to specialized items.  This is a market where you can buy and sell things like food, clothing materials, and cosmetics at a lower price.
  1. Rukuba Market: A market on the side of the road with women as the main sellers. One can get medicine and other household items such as soap, food, provisions, and other household items here. Carrots, green peas, peppers, onions, and okra are all readily available. Fruit is also sold at the auction. Also available are roasted corn, fried yam, fried potatoes, and chicken.
  1. Katako Market: It is well-known for providing high-quality secondhand clothes. The majority of this apparel is probably first-grade, which has not been sold in its country of origin and has been imported here to be sold at a lower price. Grains of all kinds are available at reasonable rates. Clothing and shoes, as well as plastics and other household products, are on hand.
  1. Yan Doya Market: It’s a market where yam tubers are sold, and there’s a bus stop nearby. Owing to heavy traffic and commotion, getting around is difficult.

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