Major Food Markets in Cross River

Cross River is home to some of Nigeria’s most fascinating markets and antique shops. Some markets, however, are commonly known for the sale of specific goods, such as textiles, cosmetics, construction materials, provisions, spare parts, and foodstuffs, amongst many others. Many companies have begun to integrate exhibits and other similar activities into their marketing strategies, even holding some of their product presentations in these venues. After thorough research, we’ve collated the top 10 foodstuff markets in Cross River. 

  1. Akpabuyo Market: Akpabuyo Market specializes in fruits and vegetables. This is a market where you can buy and sell things like food, clothing materials, and cosmetics at a lower price.
  1. Marian market: The market is situated in the heart of Calabar’s old town, in the state of Cross River. The Marian market is regarded as the largest in the state of Cross River. The market sells a wide range of goods and wares, including furniture, clothing, food, provisions, electronics, and so on. It’s also worth noting that vegetables are brought in from the north once a week. 
  1. Boki/Bokobri Market: Bokobri Market is a commercial center for agricultural goods such as cocoa, coffee, wood, and palm products, and is situated in an area that shares a contiguous border with the Republic of Cameroon.
  1. Watt market: The Watt market is thought to be one of the state’s largest markets. Fabrics, denim, wax, car parts, and even live chicken are among the items available to those who want to shop there. Aside from the aforementioned, the Watt Market has a plethora of eateries and hawkers selling regional cuisine.
  1. Esuk Mba Market: This is most certainly one of Cross River’s oldest markets. The market is located in Esuk MBA clan, a village in Akpabuyo local government in Cross-River state, about 20 kilometres from Calabar. This market specializes in fish and crayfish, including sardine, croaker, herring, original mackerel, horse mackerel, and other species.
  1. Mbube Market: Mbube Market is a deport/terminal market known for wholesale Garri and yam. It is a central gathering market.
  1. Ogoja Market: In this market, a variety of commodities are on display for exchange; They include everything from agricultural products to specialized items. Millet was a crucial crop in the region, with white, brown, and red varieties available. Burukutu, a popular malt drink, was brewed with the brown or red specie. Cocoyams also lay abound in these markets, which are located in Yala and Ogoja. Pepper, groundnuts, and salt are also inexpensive in the Ogoja Market.
  1. Okuku Market: It serves as a central disposal market for commodities, though it is not as inexpensive as Mbube Market, and it also serves as a terminal market for Gaari, Rice, Beans, and Yam.


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