Ideal markets to shop for textiles in Aba

Aba is popularly known as Enyimba city, the city of Elephants. Located in Abia, the city is the commercial nerve centre in the Southeast of Nigeria alongside Onitsha. Aba is the pioneer of locally made goods in Nigeria and often imitates foreign brands and labels in its products. This has earned it the notorious phrase, “Aba Made”. The city houses some of the largest markets in Nigeria including the popular Ariaria International market. The city is home to the largest producers of leather products in Nigeria, producing items like shoes, belts and bags. Textiles is another forte of Aba and today we examine some ideal markets for shopping textiles in Aba.

  1. New Market Rd Aba: The New Market at Aba Road is the second largest textile market in Aba. The market brims with all sorts of gems and junk in clothing. It all comes down to your taste and your pocket. The market is also regarded as a base for “Okirika” (imported fairly used clothes and accessories). Some parts of the market also offer art, crafts, among other things.
  2. Eziukwu Market: Eziukwu market or cemetery market is where majority of textile importers in Aba are based. Here you will find textiles from some of the most reputable clothing lines in the world. They also come cheap. However, you may want to be on the lookout for counterfeits being sold as original.
  3. Ariaria International Market Aba: The big elephant in the room is Ariaria International Market. It is the largest market in Abia state and one of the largest in the region. It is an open-air market known for its versatility in the making of wears and leather works. Ariaria International Market is one of the largest leather shoe-making markets in West Africa with an estimated two million traders. This is considered to be one of the best markets in Aba, and in Africa. Textiles of all types and prices are abound in the market and you may want to consider this market first.
  4. Ekeoha Market: Ekeoha market is the more organized of the textile markets in Aba. The market is home to the freshest and finest fabrics one can find in Aba. Unlike other markets, Ekeoha markets is exclusively for textiles and is one of the biggest clothing markets in the Nigeria including Africa. The market is also notable for sales of electronics, including its parts and accessories.
  5. Nsulu Market: Nsulu market is also offers textile and cotton fabric at affordable rates, there lots of tailors around this market who make and design clothes for people as they purchase their fabrics. It is the smallest market of the five but makes up for this with organization and neatness.


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