Nigerian YouTubers with strong marketing pull brands can leverage

As the world changed in 2020, audiences globally switched to videos to replace in-person activities. As a result, YouTube’s popularity skyrocketed. By 2021, the user base in Nigeria reached about 5.3 million. 

With the evident potential of short-form videos, businesses have been forced to prioritise video-based content for marketing strategies. This also places some prime channels at the forefront of YouTube video marketing, with specific influencers gathering momentum and buzz through creativity, innovative content, celebrity power and a strong pull to bring awareness to any product and service due to their large online audiences.  

We have so many YouTube creators in Nigeria, but if you want to get your product or service to a wide and diverse audience, you should consider the underlisted channels.  

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See 7 YouTubers in Nigeria:  

  1. Nancy Isime  
  1. Emem Isong Misodi 
  1. Samuel Singh 
  1. Naziru Ahmad 
  1. Sirrin Arewa TV 
  1. Kassim Braimah 
  1. Damilola Mike Bamiloye 

Nancy Isime  

For Nancy Isime, it is her lifestyle Nancy Isime Show that brings her to this list. And she is a big YouTuber, not because she is an already established actor, but because the show now shows on TV (Africa Magic Urban, AIT, HipTV, Africa Magic Family and Nevada Bridge TV), has the pedigree of individuals that attract a large audience, and has over 13,000 subscribers, with over 140,000 following The Nancy Isime Show page on Instagram. Nancy Isime features A-list celebrities and music stars in exclusive, engaging interviews. The show is laced with comedy, human-interest stories, ride with Nancy segment, vox pop and fun games.  

Emem Isong Misodi 

Emem Isong created RoyalArtTV to celebrate African culture and showcase local content created by Students/Alumni of the Royal Arts Academy Training and Production house in conjunction with Nollywood superstars. RoyalArtsTv is a modern online TV platform designed to cater to growing audiences all over the world. It is a subsidiary of Royal Arts Academy Training and Production house. Users find a lot of fascinating and great stories on this channel, meet them there. The channel has over 94,000 subscribers.  

Samuel Singh 

Samuel Singh has a unique audience and it is targeted at those who love Indian songs mixed in different ways. What Samuel does is mix songs using different beats, ultimately sounding Indian. He says it’s not about perfection, just for entertainment purposes. He now has over 830,000 subscribers on this page, many of whom are not Nigerians. He boasts an average 500,000 views for each video and his Instagram page has over 15,000 followers. His page showcases a unique type of entertainment and this is what has endeared him to the public.  

Naziru Ahmad  

Naziru Ahmad (Sarkin Waka) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Naziru was turbaned as Sarkin Wakan Sarkin Kano (Chief Singer of the Emir of Kano) in December 2018 and has more than 300 songs. Sarkin Waka says he started his channel to entertain and educate, also to encourage young women to prioritise their education, despite cultural hindrances. It is a family-friendly channel and has over 230,000 subscribers.  

Sirrin Arewa TV 

Sirrin Arewa TV brings users the best latest and new Hausa songs. It is a channel for Hausa movies and cultural content that educate, entertain, and sometimes, help you to cheer up when you’re a bit down. The channel boasts an average 10,000 views per video and has over 150,000 subscribers. So, if you wanted to reach a Hausa audience, use this channel, one place they go to for their kind of local content.  

Kassim Braimah 

You actually just see Sifon Okoi (Kalistus) and begin to laugh, and Kassim Braimah made this funny character through his channel Yawa Skits. Yawa is a comedy series about survival. It’s based on the daily struggle of Kalistus trying to earn a living by all means. Kassim says in an interview that Yawa Skits “was supposed to be just a short film but after I shot it, I began looking for a platform that I could put it on. YouTube seemed like the best place even though as of then (2012) people were not really into YouTube. I just hoped that somehow, maybe someone would spot us.” Yawa Skits is a relatable platform for the Nigerian audience and now has over 590,000 subscribers.  

Damilola Mike Bamiloye 

Damilola Mike Bamiloye is a Script Writer, Cinematographer, Producer. Damilola is the first child of Mike and Gloria Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion Television. His journey into film production began while he was a child, mimicking his dad’s movies during playtime with his siblings which later progressed to copying his dad’s scripts before he graduated into writing his movies. His first break into film production was at the age of 15 when he produced his first movie Youthful Lust. Now, he has a YouTube channel with over 530,000 subscribers.  


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