Destination cloth markets in Aba

It is no news that Aba is top on the list of the some of the major hubs of commercial activities in South East Nigeria. There is a no fashion accessory that cannot be replicated in Aba. And, most times, the cloned versions turn out to be better. The history of the market continues to add more chapters, especially knowing that it feeds many other markets in the South East and beyond.

Indeed, Aba has evolved as a centre of entrepreneurship and SMEs.  The city has the potential to be a competitive industrial hub for Nigeria and for Africa. This is why it is a must-visit place for Marketing Teams to run campaigns – and for companies to under-study.

It has five major markets where you can shop at affordable rates:

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Aba cloth markets

Ariaria International Market

Ariaria international market is the largest market in Aba, housing a wide variety of traders from different parts of Abia and beyond. It is well organised and sub-divided into sections – each section selling one particular product. It is a rather busy market and be sure that you can get whatever clothing item you like to get.

New Market Ngwa Road

If you wanted to see bulk trading of second-hand clothing, visit the reputable New market, Ngwa road. Here, you can get second hand clothes for as low ₦100.

Cemetery Market

Cemetery market is the importers market in Aba. So, if you wanted to get imported clothing items at affordable rates, visit this one.

Ekeoha Market

Ekeoha market also called shopping centre and is one of the biggest clothing markets in Africa. There is no fabric or textile you will not find in this market.

Nsulu Market

Nsulu market also offers textile and cotton fabric at affordable rates, there lots of tailors around this market who make and design clothes for people as they purchase their fabrics. So, you just have to point at the material, tell the tailor what you want and wait for it.

This is a non-exhaustive list. If you know any notable markets in Southern Nigeria not mentioned here, do let us know in your comment below.


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