The best markets in Southwest Nigeria to satisfy your clothing needs

People wear different types of clothes for different reasons. It could be to enhance personal appearance and/or protect the body from harmful temperatures. It could also be to reflect an individual’s culture, personality and preferences. It is these choices that inform the choices of fashion designers. If you wanted to count how many fashion designers and houses we have in Nigeria today, you may be preparing yourself for a Herculean assignment. But, apart from those houses, we also have markets where these clothes are sold, and people’s cloth need and wants are satisfied. This is why we have listed best markets in Southwest Nigeria:

best markets in Southwest Nigeria

Oshodi Market

Oshodi Market is located in Oshodi, a suburb of Lagos. It is one of the largest markets in the Lagos metropolis. You will find a lot of wholesalers here who sell to retailers and consumers too. It is a market for variety, so if you take a walk around the market, you will definitely find whatever it is you are looking for. And, if you were coming in from abroad, it has an interchange, so you could visit the place and go home from the interchange.

The Arena

The Arena is the first of its kind in the West African sub-region and consist of over 3,000 stalls in a select combination of lock-up, open and warehouses structures. Support facilities for operational balance in the market include 7 dedicated restaurants, parking for 1016 vehicles including 32 trailer parking bays, undercover loading and off-loading bays at the flanges of the premises to ease management of cattle and bulk goods.

Balogun Market

Balogun Ajeniya Market is located on Lagos Island and has no particular address because it stretches across so many streets on the island. Balogun market is recognised as a good place to buy fabrics.

Tejuosho, Yaba

Tejuosho Market is an ultramodern market located along the Ojuelegba-Itire Road in Yaba, Lagos. The market which is divided into two phases (Phase I and Phase II) contains about 2,383 lock-up shops in a sprawling four-storey building.


Aswani is one of the most popular second-hand market in Lagos and opens on Wednesday – after the pandemic became a serious conversation. It is located at Osolo way, Isolo and if you want very affordable clothing, visit this market. You will go home mouth aghast.


Katangua market is also known as Super Market. Some people call it Katangua, some call it Katangora others call it Katangowa. Katangua market is one of the top markets to get quality yet cheap things – especially clothes. Katangua has three market days – Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. It is located at Super bus stop between Ile-Epo and Abule-Egba.

Itoku Market, Abeokuta

Located a short distance away from the famous Olumo rocks, the vibrant Itoku market will amaze you with its colours and buzz. This age-old market is the hub of the indigenous Adire cottage industry.

Kemta Adire Market

This market is the seen as the largest Adire market in Africa. It is also called the Kampala market.

Oke Aje Market, Ijebu-Ode

Oke Aje is a big market in Ijebu Ode, Ogun. It has stores, shops and warehouses for a variety of items including food items, electronics, household items, and also has traders selling fabric. People come from different parts of the state and beyond to trade here. It is an everyday market.

Aleshinloye Market, Ibadan

Aleshinloye market is a popular market where you can get several personal and household items. The price of goods in Aleshinloye are a bit pricey but be rest assured of getting quality items.

Bola-Ige International Market (Gbagi market), Ibadan

It is one of the biggest market in Nigeria, located on the Ibadan-Ife Express road a mile away from Ibadan International Airport.  It is about a kilometre from the Lagos–Ibadan Express road; this gives it easy accessibility. It is a popular market for trading of all sort of fabrics, shoes, bags, jewelleries.

Oje Market, Ibadan

Oje Market is located centrally in Ibadan and situated about 1km from the palace of the Olubadan of Ibadan. It sells mostly international and local fabrics including Aso Oke, Sanyan, Alaari.

Dugbe Market, Ibadan

Dugbe market is the biggest clothing market in Ibadan, Oyo. It is made up of streets separated by well-arranged shops. It is located in Ibadan Central Business District and it is a major hub for transport and trading.

Central Market, Ondo

Ondo Central market, also called Ughele Market, is the largest market in Ondo City. There are a wide variety of products and services available. It is a market for mostly fresh farm produce but also has stores for clothing. There are other interesting things like a post office, court at the market.

Oja Oba, Akure

This is a place for ‘bend down’ clothing, which appeals to everyone who likes beautiful things. There is variety at this market. It is located in the heart of Akure,

This is a non-exhaustive list. If you know any notable markets in Southern Nigeria not mentioned here, do let us know in your comment below.


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