Balogun Market, Mile12, and Computer Village… See the top 10 markets in Lagos

The presence of a market is a significant characteristic of an ever functioning society. With a population of over 14 million people, Lagos boasts of numerous, major markets. As a marketing professional, it’s necessary to know the right markets to introduce your products into or to include in your campaigns. Here’s a list of the top ten markets in Lagos.

  1. Balogun Market: All things aso ebi, lace, textiles and clothing materials can be found in this always buzzing market place. The trade centre features interconnected, hidden alleyways that could get any inexperienced passerby lost. Lagos is known for its ever active party scene; hence, Balogun market is never lacking a massive crowd.
  2. Mile 12: As the Balogun market is for clothes, so is the Mile 12 market for food. The market hub boasts of stalls selling various foodstuff, particularly perishable foods, at the lowest prices.
  3. Oshodi Market: Oshodi market is often tagged the second largest open market in Lagos. The market has a history that can be traced to as far back as the colonial era. Oshodi market was established in 1860 under the British colonial rule and was used to support its slave trade activities. However, it was demolished and moved to a new location in Isopakodowo. 
  4. Alaba Market: The famous Alaba market is renowned for its sales of everything electronics.  Located in Ojo, Lagos State, the Alaba market provides a wide range of services. Apart from electronics, electricians and engineers are also present to help customers fix their appliances.
  5. Idumota: Idumota Market is located on Lagos Island. It is one of the oldest and possibly one of the largest markets in West Africa; featuring thousands of shops and buildings. The market is a central distribution hub for Home videos and music in Lagos State.
  6. Computer Village:  The Computer Village, as the name implies, is a market for all things technology. Located at Ikeja, Lagos State’s capital, Computer village is one of the largest ICT accessory markets in Nigeria. Here you can find phone gadgets, phones, laptops, laptop accessories, cameras, printers for sale and can even get repairs there done as well.
  7. Tejuosho/Yaba Market: Tejuosho market was recently transformed into an Ultra Modern Market. It now boasts of a beautiful and serene environment as opposed to the rowdy state it was in prior. The market consists mostly of dollar changers, gold sellers, curtain sellers and clothes sellers.
  8. Ladipo: If there’s an auto part that can’t be fount the Ladipo market, it probably doesn’t exist in Nigeria. Located in Mushin local government area, the Ladipo market is considered the most prominent auto spare parts market in Lagos. 
  9. Oyingbo: Located at Ebute Metta, the Oyingbo market is considered one of the oldest and busiest markets in Lagos. The market was demolished to be rebuilt as an ultramodern market complex under the tenure of Babatunde Fashola. It now exists as a four-storey building, 622 open shops, 102 lockup shops, 48 open offices, 134 toilets and six exit gates. 
  10. Epe Fish Market: Looking for fresh, delicious fish? The Epe Fishmarket is the place to go. Exotic animals such as snails, alligators and tortoises can be found for sale at the market. The fishes sold are usually still alive and can be seen swimming freely in an open basket. 

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