7 popular outdoor advertising formats in Umuahia

Digital advertising is indeed dominating all other forms of advertising, and the trend will not end anytime soon. Yet, traditional advertising remains a pertinent aspect of the advertising space – it can still reach hundreds of people at the same time and can improve retention in its consistency. With texts and images, they provide compelling tools for the brand and can easily engage audiences, no matter their socio-economic class
you are able to create advertisements that are engaging and compelling. This is why billboards are important in the marketing process and this is why we have listed these billboards in Umuahia:

48-Sheet Billboard

Call this board a unique icon of display. It is located along Ugwuchara road by Umuahia Girls Secondary School fence, close to Peugeot motors. This billboard is guarantees visibility and marketing teams should seriously consider this board in their campaign strategies.

48-Sheet Billboard

This billboard is located along Aba-Umuahia expressway by Old Abia Luxury Park facing traffic from Aba and Ubakala Junction. The advert space guarantees a vivid display of advert message.

Portrait Billboard

This is located at Abia welcome roundabout, facing visitors going in to the State. Its positioning makes it powerful enough to steer a vast audience towards company products and services.

48-Sheet Billboard

This is located at Umuahia Stadium road by Stadium Gate facing traffic from Ikot Ekene road. It is made efficient for advertisers desirous of vast and heterogeneous customers.

48-Sheet Billboard

This is located at Umuahia-Aba old road by Isi Court Junction facing traffic to the popular fresh food Olokoro Market, Umuahia.

Unipole Billboard

It is located at the busy Michael Okpara roundabout Facing traffic from Bank Road, Umuahia. This billboard is guaranteed visibility knowing the Bank road is a busy road and sees people from different parts of the town and State.

Gantry Billboard

It is located Umuahia Library road, by Fidelity Bank, facing traffic from Government House.

Did we miss any other popular billboards in Umuahia? Please use the comment section.

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