10 Influencers you should work with

The influencing market has grown phenomenally over the last fifteen years. In 2010, only those with a ‘celebrity’ status were considered to be influencers. Fast forward to 2021, an ‘influencer’ can refer to anyone who has a large following on social media and is considered to have the ability to influence people.  

Influencer marketing can help to amplify your brand awareness. And, influencers who share your values and embody your brand are usually more beneficial to work with, as compared to only celebrities.  

Identifying and reaching your target audience is essential in every marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is a great way to reach your potential customers, this is why we listed these influencers who can build the desired bridge between you and the customer:  

Aisha Yesufu 

This fierce #BringBackOurGirls advocate has a long history of activism, including participating in medical students protest in 1994 at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria. She was actively part of the #EndSARS protests and added some international mentions to her portfolio. Aisha continues to start conversations on social media and be the focus of trends.  

She has a combined following of 1,232,362. 

Ajoke (Myactivekitchen)  

Ajoke owns a food blog that teaches enthusiasts how to make easy and delicious recipes from scratch. 

She has a combined following of 108,300.  

Akin Faminu  

Akin Faminu is a fashion and style blogger. He has a career as a style blogger, fashionista and model. Akin Faminu is known for breaking our feeds with his unconventional style and making the ordinary extraordinary, but underneath, he is much more than that. 

He has a combined following of 116,800. 

Baba Ibadan 

Baba Ibadan is popularly known for its Instagram handle WestAfrikanman. He curates content and provides viral videos and tweets to their followers. 

He has an Instagram following of 568,000.  

Bamike “Bam Bam” Olawunmi 

Oluwabamike Olawunmi is an ex-Big Brother Naija housemate and is now a successful businesswoman and is a CEO of two companies, a skincare line Bam Beauty Oil and a logistics services BBP Express. Bambam also has a clothing line with Ladybeellionaire. The clothing line is called the Bambam x Ladybeellionaire. 

She has a combined followership of 1,663,000.  

Bello Khabir 

Bello Khabir Olajide, popularly known as Bello Kreb, is famous on social media platforms, especially Instagram, for the comical skits. He is also a script writer. 

He has a combined followership of 343,200.  

Chidera Oliver 

Chidera Oliver popularly known as Pankeeroy, is a creative dancer, influencer, host, comedian and content creator. Pankeeroy is a versatile artiste; producing content ranging from comedic skits to dance videos. 

He has a combined followership of 1,098,500. 

Chief Obi 

Henry Obiefule, also known as Chief Obi, is an Instagram comedian and is considered the internet’s favourite Nigerian dad.  

He has a combined followership of 763,987. 

Diana Eneje 

Diana Eneje’s profile has so many interesting, colourful and fun pictures on Instagram page. Diana is a model, fashion and brand influencer. 

She has a combined followership of 604,236. 

Esther Agunbiade 

Esther Agunbiade was one of the housemates in the Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” season. She is also a lawyer, brand influencer and content creator.  

She has a combined followership of 1,017,000. 


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