10 Influencers you should work with (II)

The influencing market has grown phenomenally over the last fifteen years. In 2010, only those with a ‘celebrity’ status were considered to be influencers. Fast forward to 2021, an ‘influencer’ can refer to anyone who has a large following on social media and is considered to have the ability to influence people.  

Influencer marketing can help to amplify your brand awareness. And, influencers who share your values and embody your brand are usually more beneficial to work with, as compared to only celebrities.  

Identifying and reaching your target audience is essential in every marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is a great way to reach your potential customers, this is why we listed these influencers who can build the desired bridge between you and the customer:  

10 Influencers you should work with (I)


Zion Ubani

Ubani Zion Chibuike, popularly known as Zfancy, is a content creator, comedian and prankster on social media.

He has combined followership of 751,400.

Yagazie Emezi

Yagazie Emezi is an artist and self-taught independent photojournalist based in Lagos. She mostly focuses on stories surrounding African women and their health, sexuality, education and human rights. She has worked with notable organisations like Al-Jazeera, New York Times, Vogue, Newsweek, Inc.

She has combined followership of 196,985.

Ayo Ajewole

Ayo Ajewole, Woli Agba, is a Yoruba gospel comedian and gospel singer. He has been has been humorously tagged “The Prophet of the Instagram Parish Ministry” because of his humorous gospel-related skits on Instagram. He founded a production company known as WoliAgba-AyoAjewole Production – a gospel-entertainment brand that focuses on creating comic and evangelical concepts and contents via social media platforms, film production, stage performances, music productions and others.

He has combined followership of 5,588,238.

Wofai Samuel

Wofai Samuel, popularly known as Wofaifada, is a media personality, and communications executive. She boasts of a vast experience in Oil & Gas, International Trade & Investment, and the Power & Energy sectors respectively. She is an actress, a comedienne, TV presenter who entertains her followers by providing a steady stream of comedic skits and videos.

She has combined followership of 1,709,367.

Wives and Mothers

This page delivers content about mothers and parenting.

Wives and Mothers has combined followership of 791,672.

Ogechi Ukonu

Ukonu Ogechi, popularly known as Caramel Plug, is an online content creator, YouTuber, and comedian. Her comedic video/rant about TV show, ‘Game of Thrones’ garnered her attention and fans.

She has an Instagram followership of 958,000.

Munira Suleiman Tanimu

Munira Suleiman Tanimu is popularly regarded as the Northern Sweetheart. She was born in Kaduna, Nigeria to a popular politician father. She is one of the leading activists of the region, with projects such as; “Books Over Trays”, which she embarked upon through her NGO, Green Heart Impact Foundation, to liberate the ” girl-child” from illiteracy.

She has combined followership of 217,637.

Miss Techy

Miss Techy is a tech Blogger in Nigeria with fun and interactive content that continues to grow a strong following on social media platforms.

She has combined followership of 73,752.

Mike Solomon

Mike Solomon is popularly know as “Justsolomon” on his social media platforms. He is a digital content creator, social media personality, influencer, brand ambassador, commercial model and actor. Solomon is one of the most popular and most followed teens from Nigeria on the video sharing app, Tiktok.

He has an Instagram followership of 104,000.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa

Enioluwa Adeoluwa is a writer, a public speaker, art director, media and communications specialist. As a marketing and growth specialist, he plays major roles in sustainable development and leadership that results in national socio-economic transformation and Nation building.

He has combined followership of 348,758.


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