Zikoko!, NativeMag, and Culture Custodian… See the 10 foremost Nigerian youth-centred online publications

Several online publications litter the Nigerian cybersphere; offering various kinds of content and information. However, only a select few have proven to be the maestros in churning out content capable of catching the eyes and attention of the nation’s youth. Here is a list of the top 10 online publications that boast of the trendiest youth-centred content.

  1. Zikoko!: The Zikoko platform is the leading go-to place for the smartest, wittiest, funniest content tailored to the youthful demographic. The team has mastered the art of paying attention to trends, current conversation and what people are saying; providing delightful content that aligns with it. The platform was particularly visible during the #EndSARS protests; supplying readers with live information on protest locations and updates. They were sensitive enough to suspend regular content to focus on producing timely information on the movement. The platform continues to embrace and push diversity and inclusivity with its bold content. Any brand who values these core concepts would definitely want to associate with Zikoko.
  1. NativeMag: The NativeMag has cemented itself as an authority on all things pop culture and music in Nigeria. The platform was responsible for pushing the ‘Alte’ scene into the limelight and is also known to help promote upcoming artistes in the Nigerian music industry. It is more focused on music than other sectors, and it has carved out a careful yet deliberate niche for itself – a place for cool kids.
  1. YNaija: YNaija prides itself on being the content ‘the smartest young people read’. The web platform places its ear on the grounds, listening in on the hottest topics and current trends; giving insightful commentary. The platform is known to provide great entertainment reviews as well as a detailed political discussion. The wild takes, fresh angles and penchant for saying it as it is, is what makes YNaija a draw for the youthful crowd.
  1. BellaNaija: For most lifestyle content, BellaNaija is the place to go. To know the latest fashion trends and which celebrity is decked out in this week’s most dapper attire, BellaNaija is quick to come to your aid. This is what makes it a favourite amongst Nigeria’s youth. The platform also provides carefully curated content on the latest weddings and gives fun interviews with your beloved stars.
  1. Pulse.ng: Pulse.ng is a news platform that covers live news and entertainment, politics, sports, lifestyle, celebrities and more. The platform provides sizzling yet poignant reviews on that latest music singles or albums and even goes as far as delivering exclusive interviews with your favourite artists.
  1. Brittle Paper: Brittle Paper, an online literary magazine, is also tagged an “African literary blog”. The platform provides in-depth creative, fiction, non-fiction pieces exploring life, the experience of being Nigerian amongst several other topics. Brittle Paper is a platform for those interested in African art and literature. The site explores essential political issues. The revealing and detailed piece on the journey of a famous Nigerian transgender author, Akwaeke Emezi, is still one of their most talked about and riveting pieces.
  1. Culture Custodian: Culture Custodian curates content, especially, for Nigerian millennials. Their content ranges from music, politics, pop culture, technology to sports. Like its popular counterparts, the website dissects social issues, trends and helps readers make sense of Nigeria and the world as a whole.
  1. Net.ng: Net.ng is similar to the likes of Pulse.ng; providing the latest news on politics, entertainment, sports amongst other topics. The platform continually draws in readers of the youthful demographic.
  1. Vibe.ng: Following the path of all other “.ng(s)” before it, Vibe.ng provides comprehensive news on music, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle in Nigeria. You are sure to find several of Nigeria’s exuberant population visiting the site for the latest gist about what’s going on in town.
  1. MoreBranches: The platform, MoreBranches, is also one of the incredibly trendy sites with Nigeria’s elite youths. The site provides content tailored specially to young Africans worldwide with interactive and conscious content covering several topics.

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