Visit these markets in Southern Nigeria if you need a phone or accessories

Phones, earphones, chargers, screen guards, batteries, and more – the economic value of phone markets in Nigeria and how much we can access in a heartbeat cannot be overstated. Looking at the statistics from DataReportal, there are 187.9 million mobile or SIM connections (January 2021). These mobile connections are spread across the four major mobile service providers in the country.

Interestingly, GSM still dominates the data market, but there is a growing shift to services based on LTE. Although LTE coverage remains relatively low, investment among operators is extending the reach of services and is helping to develop consumer use of mobile data services too. In a post-COVID world where content remains king, you cannot afford to be away from your gadgets. Either you desire a new phone, or you want an improvement, here are the top phone markets:

GSM Village/Computer Village, Ikeja

GSM Village, Phone, Southern Nigeria

Call it an expansion of Computer Village, you only need to cross over an express and you are in another world of phones called the GSM village. You must have been thinking that that’s all with Computer Village – the largest ICT accessory market in Africa. Apart from the sales of information and technology accessory, Computer Village also deals in the repair and exchange of mobile phones. So, if you needed to do wholesale or retail trading of phones and accessories, the two villages will definitely answer your questions.

GSM Village, Port Harcourt

You will find this place at Aba Road, Port Harcourt. It houses many stores where you cab buy your phone(s), swap, repair. This market is not as big but is growing, seeing that more traders enter the market every other day.

The Arena, Oshodi

The Arena Market, Phone, Southern Nigeria

The Arena market is not exactly a home for phone shopping, however, it not impossible to get your dream phone and its accessories as the market houses a lot of shops/stores like Slot that trade in those items. The Arena Market has over 3,000 stalls in a select combination of lock-up, open and warehouses structures some of which are ensuite.

Oke-Ilewo, Abeokuta

Oke-Ilewo Abeokuta, Phone, Southern Nigeria

You will think Oke-Ilewo is strictly residential until you turn over the roundabout at OPIC or make a left turn after Omida. What you will see is a long line of phone shops/stores that meet your phone needs. There are also major stores like Slot, 3C HUB, Samsung store, Promotower Communications, etc, aiming to reach out to you. A visit may surprise you.

New Market road, Onitsha

Main Market Onitsha

At New Market road, Main Market, Onitsha, you will find shops, plazas that feed other markets in and outside Anambra. You will spaces like Nimek Plaza, Ejison Mobile World Plaza, Emodi Plaza, Digital Plaza, Slot, CEMA, etc.

Eke Awka, Anambra

Eke Awka

Eke Awka started as a small market and has grown phenomenally over the years, thank to successive governments who have seen the need for expansion. It used to be only a food market with splinters of shops selling other non-food items. Eke Awka now boasts of shops/stores that sell phones that meet your needs. So, if you were thinking of going all the way to Onitsha, try Eke Awka first. Thank us later.

Garrison Phones/Computer Market, Port Harcourt

If you are out to buy phones or carry out repairs, visit the Garrison market. At Garrison market, you will find phones and their accessories without having to travel to some other state. It is becoming an even bigger market as more entrepreneurs and dealers keep making their way into the market.

Ogbete Market, Enugu

Ogbete or Main market is the largest and cheapest selling place where you can buy almost anything imaginable. Each market has its own layout with different areas dedicated to certain goods.

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