Top cloth markets in Northern Nigeria

Markets in Nigeria serve both economic and social functions. In particular, by providing outlets for ‘local’ products, they help create distinction and uniqueness which can increase pride and encourage visitors to return. These markets, therefore, create the framework for cultural blending and diversity. With independent customs, security structures, aesthetic sights, and sounds that attract tourists and market enthusiasts, the markets have also been beneficial to the economy and development of Northern Nigeria; thanks to tax revenues.

We’ve compiled a list of the most notable cloth markets:

Kasuwar Kwari (Kano)

Northern Nigeria

The Kasuwar Kwari market in Kano has everything clothing and material. People from from North, East, West and South go to this market to purchase quality handmade tie and dyed fabric at a cheap cost – most times, to go sell elsewhere.

Karimo Market (Abuja)

If you are visiting the popular Karimo Market for the first time, you will be leaving with smiles on your face. It is one of those places where you comfortably do your thrift shopping. Arguably, the striking thing about the Karimo Market is the thousands of people that stream from different parts of the country into it.

Karimo is located after the Life Camp Junction, along the Gwagwa-Karimo Way, off Jabi, Airport Road, Abuja, and the market days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

Kasuwar Barci Market, Kaduna

The Kasuwar Barci Market is situated in the heart of the metropolis of Kaduna, in Tudun Wada. There are traders for other items in the market but, the clothes available for sale are one of the main attractions of this market – especially fairly used clothes.

The market, which houses more than 20,000 traders has been demolished by the Kaduna government with the intention to build ultra-modern structures.

Kasoa Ndaji (Sokoto)

Kasoa Ndaji is quite a big market where wholesalers meet with retailers, as it boast bulk packages of goods and services. Other items are sold in the market, and the cloth section of the market is one you will leave, smiling you visited.

The market opens at 10am and closes at 6pm to honour the Islamic time of prayer.

Railway market (Plateau)

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Railway Market, Plateau (PHOTO: J Town Explore)

The Railway market is located further down the Murtala Muhammed Way, close to the Nigerian Railway Corporation. The market houses a lot of boutiques where you can get your clothes – at cheap rates.


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