The most notable markets in Ebonyi

Ebonyi is predominantly an agrarian state. It was one of the six states created in 1996 and has grown phenomenally in population and economy. It is a leading producer of rice, yam, potatoes, maize, beans, and cassava, and have a notable basket market in Nigeria. This is why we have listed the most exceptional markets for your marketing campaigns and activations:

Abakaliki International Market

Call this market amazing because you will see organisation when you visit. It has a car pack and the shops/stores are spaced, with different sections for different items. Local folks call it one of the best markets in Nigeria. It is located at Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki.

Ahia Ofu Market

This market is a local, lively and interesting place to visit. Traders who sell variety can be found here and you can be almost sure you will get whatever it is you want to buy here. The items are also relatively cheap here.

Eke Market

This market is housed by a town – Afikpo – known as a centre of ancient Igbo tradition. It is located at Ndibe Beach road, Afikpo. It is the biggest market in Afikpo and sells variety to meet your needs and wants.

Eke Market

This market is located in Ishiagu, a town in the Ivo Local Government Area, Ebonyi. It is known to have a peaceful scenery and houses traders from Ishiagu and the neighbouring communities. Local folks will say that what you don’t get in Eke, you don’t get elsewhere in Ishiagu.

Eke Imoha

Eke Imoha is one of the oldest and biggest markets in Ebonyi. The Eke Imoha market is central to the economic life of Ezaa people. This is where the people sell their rich agricultural produce.

Ugwuachara Market

The Ugwuachara market is not as big but you can get all kinds of fruits and a few household items here. It is located at Ugwuachara, Azuiyi Udene, Abakaliki.

Ukwu Akparata Mini-Market

It is the same as all other regular markets and have a wide variety of food traders here. It is located at Ugep road, Ntezi Abba, Abakaliki.

New Kpiri Kpiri Market

This is one of the major markets in Abakaliki. Traders sell all sort of fresh farm products at cheap rate, ranging from vegetables, fruits, etc. New Kprikpiri Market is well constructed and is located at Kpiri Kpiri.

Did we miss any other notable market in Ebonyi? Please use the comment section.

St. Margaret Umahi International Market

St. Margaret Umahi International Market is a first class Market located along Abakaliki-Ogoja Road on the West African Trans-sharan highway, Ebonyi.

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