The go-to fresh-food markets in Katsina

Katsina is a State in the North-western Nigeria, and borders Kaduna, Zamfara, Kano, and Jigawa States.  It also borders the Republic of Niger which has opened the State to robust economic activities. It is nicknamed the “Home of Hospitality”, and has these exciting fresh-food markets in Katsina that give you value for money. The only thing you will be bothered about is cost of transportation. These markets indeed enable higher IGR for the state, especially as the economy of the State is basically agrarian.

Katsina Central Market

The Katsina Central market is the biggest market in the state and, is the main trading hub of traders across the state. It also houses fresh food traders who also sell to traders from outside its location and outside the state. It is located along Dutsinma road immediately after fire service station. It opens 9am and closes 6pm, and consumers typically spend 15-45 min here.

Mai’Adua Market

Mai’Adua (or Maiaduwa) is a Local Government Area (LGA) in Katsina sharing a border with the Republic of Niger and has a very large historical rural market operating on Sundays. The market is international serving as exchange point between Nigeria and Niger Republic, and attracts mostly importers come from across the country to trade. If you wanted food stuffs in large quantities are very cheap rates and dealer/farmer prices, visit this market.

Charanchi Market

Charanchi (or Cheranchi) is a town and Local Government Area (LGA) in Katsina. Charanchi market is regarded as the biggest market in Katsina, and environs, and houses livestock and fresh-food traders from within and outside the state.

Fago Market

Fago is a populated town located in the centre of the region Sandamu. Its population has warranted an expansive market where consumers meet retailers. The market is relatively big and you can get your fresh food items here; at cheap rates.

Mashi Market

Mashi is a Local Government Area in Katsina, that shares a border with the Republic of Niger. It has a growing population of close to 180,000 and is made up of several towns and villages such as Badauri, Morawa, Tamilo, Yamal, Sonkaya, Korau, Doguru, and Bamle. The market here is big enough, even for more traders and you get whatever fresh food items you need here.

Kayawa Market

This is located along Mashi road at Dutsi. It is not as big as the other markets and you may not find all you need here, but the market houses traders and farmers who sell a variety of food items.

Daura Market

Daura is a town and Local Government Area and is the spiritual home of the Hausa people. The market is a medium sized market where foodstuffs can be purchased and is easily accessible.

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