Popular markets to visit in Benue

The economic importance of markets cannot be overstated. In fact, markets are valuable institutions that facilitate trade. More trade means more production. More production means more employment and a higher national income. This, in turn, expedites economic growth.

Markets are also usually busy environments, considering that people cannot do without food. People go in and out every second until the gates are closed. So, if you are looking to launch a campaign in Benue, try out any or all of these markets:

Gboko Markets

Gboko Local Government houses five districts and each of them have their markets. These districts have fertile lands, so, the markets in the districts are always filled with fresh farm produce. They include the Mbatyav district markets, Mbatyirev district markets, Mbayion district market, Yandev district market, and Ipav district market.

The main items sold are Yams, Soya-beans, Cassava produce such as garri and akpu, Groundnuts, fresh and dry Fish, Pig and pork, Cows and beef, Goat, Sorghum, Maize, Beni-seed, Burukutu or Tiv liquor, Frogs, Pawpaw, Rice, Beans, and others from their local farms mainly unprocessed produce. You can also find seasoning cubes/items, clothes, salt, oils, cosmetics, etc.

North Bank Market

This is a big market and is located directly opposite St. Mary’s Catholic Church, adjacent NASME barracks road, North Bank, Makurdi.

You can get variety from here, including fresh farm produce and food items at cheap rates, clothes/shoes, home wares and items, building materials, cosmetics, etc.

Wadata Main Market

This is located at Port Harcourt Street, behind McCarthy Stadium, Makurdi, filled with traders from core Northern Nigeria who sell mostly food items. Also, because of its proximity to the river bank, so you will also get fresh sea food at the market.

Wurukum market

This is located at Abu King Shuluwa road, Walmayo, Makurdi, and is a large daily market where you can get affordable goods.  You can call it a native/village market where farmers bring in raw produce from their farms for sell and at cheap rates.

Modern Market

This is located at Township, Makurdi, and is a full-sized market where distributors, wholesalers and retailers meet. For buyers/consumers, you can get food items at wholesale prices at this market. It is regarded as the biggest market in Makurdi and one of Benue’s biggest source of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

Yam Market

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You may be excited to know that this market is the world’s biggest Yam Market and is located in the nostalgic town of Zaki Biam in Ukum local government area. A huge chunk of the 2 million tubers of yam sold weekly in Benue are transported through this market.

Between 120 and 200 truckloads of yams depart from this market on a daily basis. The yams come from various farmlands around Zaki Biam and Ukum as well as neighbouring Katsina Ala Local Government.

Other markets:

High level Market, Igeri Market, Igbor Market.

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