The 7 most prominent markets in Ibadan for your clothing needs

Ibadan, Oyo State’s large capital, is home to a variety of prominent markets that attract thousands of buyers daily. Many people consider the prices of goods in Ibadan markets to be very cheap and affordable. Even the clothing markets are a major source of attraction to buyers, sellers and marketers across Nigeria. Here are the most notable clothing markets in Ibadan, Oyo State:

  1. Aleshinloye Market: This market has a wide variety of gift goods, household items, and jewellery. They also sell furniture, clothing, shoes, and construction materials. The prices of products in Aleshinloye Market are a little higher, but you can rest assured that you will be getting high-quality pieces.
  1. Ogunpa Market: Ogunpa Market is situated in Ibadan’s busiest commercial district, Dugbe Aláw. The market is well-known for selling both Made in China and locally produced goods, such as clothes, household objects, and machinery.
  1. Oje Market: This market, which is about a kilometre from Olubadan’s palace, has been around for over a century. Yoruba fabrics such as aso-oke, Sányán, and Alaari are sold here. Herbs that can be used to treat a number of ailments are also sold at this market
  1. Bola Ige International Market: This market, also known as New Gbagi Market, is situated on the Ibadan-Ife expressway. Gbagi Market is widely known as Nigeria’s first foreign market, with over various and diverse people transacting business there. Fabrics, bags, accessories, and jewellery are all common products for sale at the market.
  1. Agbeni Market: The Ologede street runs through Agbeni, a large wholesale market in Ibadan. Hundreds of shops and stalls are clustered together in a single stretch of the market. The products are inexpensive in this market, and you can find almost any kind of household item there. It’s considered the “mother of markets” in Ibadan. The industry is based on the wholesale distribution of manufactured household products.
  1. Bodija Market: Bodija Market is one of Ibadan’s busiest markets. In contrast to Agbeni, Bodija Market has a range of open stalls or shops scattered throughout the city. Bodija Market is located on the Secretariat-UI road in Oyo State’s Ibadan-North Local Government Area. Bódijà Market sells a wide variety of household goods, seasonal products, and manufactured foods. The market was originally a fighting arena, which is reflected in its name.
  1. Bashorun Market: Bashorun Market is a small market in Ibadan that is situated along the Akobo/Bashorun axis. The market sells merchandise, food, and household products.

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