The 7 best markets to visit in Gombe

Gombe State, with Gombe as its capital, is one of Nigeria’s 36 states. In October 1996, the Abacha military regime formed Gombe State from a portion of Bauchi State, giving it the nickname “Jewel in the Savannah.” Compared to marketplaces in Nigerian states such as Lagos, many people believe that the prices of goods in Gombe markets are modest and affordable. Buyers from surrounding states are known to be drawn to the price range of products as a result. The following are the most well-known marketplaces in the state:

  1. International Gombe Market: This is a modern market with a wide range of materials suitable for both retailers and wholesalers. The market is well-organized, and construction supplies, as well as farming equipment and fertilizer, are readily available. Livestock, foodstuffs, shoes, clothing, pants, beverages, and other items are among the various products available.
  1. Kaltugo Market: Kaltungo is a Gombe State Local Government Area in Nigeria. Here is where you’ll find the Kaltugo market, which sells products like food and cattle.
  1. Bambam Market: Another renowned food market in Gombe state is the Bambam market. It is a site where you can purchase extremely low-cost food and vegetables, the majority of which are fresh and direct from the farm.
  1. Biliri Market: Billiri (or Biliri) is a Local Government Area of Gombe State, Nigeria. The Biliri market is mostly known as an agriculture market, as it is known for the sale of agricultural produces such as cowpea.
  1. Kumo Cattle Market:  Kumo is a Nigerian city and the administrative center of the Akko Local Government Area (LGA), situated 40 kilometers south of Gombe on the A345 highway. Kumo is a major commercial center with several marketplaces, including the Kumo cattle market, which sells cattle and other livestock.
  1. Tashar Gwari: This is a well-known market in Kumo, Gombe State. It is renowned as a vegetable market, having a diverse selection of vegetables and fruits for sale.
  1. Tudun Hatsi: In Kumo, Gombe State, Tudun hatsi is a prominent market. It is renowned as a grain market, and it sells a broad variety of staple foods. Kumo’s residents are mostly farmers and traders.

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