See 10 reasons brands should sponsor events

There are studies that indicate that event sponsorships create a positive image among audiences. Events also give you a strong push when it comes to driving sales. Over 75% of consumers feel positive about brands after participating in an event. While around 65% may likely buy from you, the benefits of event sponsorship don’t end there. 

You only need to understand if the event has a chunk of your ICPs, if the event matches your brand’s image, if the event has a heightened track record – high attendance, widespread buzz, if it fits into the marketing budget, and if the organisers have promised some interesting measurable returns. 

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Here’s our list of 10 benefits to check out:

  1. Brand building
  2. Enlighten the audience on a product or service offering
  3. Spend physical time with prospects
  4. Opportunity to reconnect with existing customers
  5. Audience insights
  6. Brand credibility
  7. Enhanced vendor relationships
  8. Direct access to ideal customer profile (ICP) data
  9. Competitive advantage over absentee rivals
  10. Return on investment (ROI)

Brand building 

Event sponsorships surely aid brand visibility. Besides media coverage, expand your audience and cause brand engagement with giveaways or interactive booths at the said event. 

Enlighten the audience on a product or service offering

Events give you an opportunity to launch a new product or provide information on updates to an existing feature. Also, if you run a pre-promo social media campaign announcing swag/other incentives, that’ll only bring you more users.

Spend physical time with prospects

At events, you are meeting prospects in real-time and have the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with them. This way, you are driving a connection between your brand and ideal customer profile – ICP. This is your chance to create personalized experiences with demos/emails/swag, and so on.

Opportunity to reconnect with existing customers

At an event you sponsor, you can engage warm prospects who attend. Also, choose your lead nurturing flow based on where your ICP is in the buyer journey. Based on your conversations, you can even go ahead with a well-timed ask for closing.

Audience insights

Events allow you gather data on demography and audience preferences. It means you may understand the kind of events the different segments of your market likes. 

Brand credibility

It does not end with driving awareness, you need to inspire the prospect to admire your brand. Event sponsorships are a great way to drive positive PR and build credibility. You can also use events to position your brand in your niche accurately. For smaller players, events are active venues to be cast alongside heavyweights.

Enhanced vendor relationships

Potential leads and warm prospects are not the only ones attending events. Competitors, vendors, and other ecosystem players also do. Sponsoring an event is your opportunity to build meaningful and long-lasting industry/community relationships.

Direct access to ideal customer profile (ICP) data

At an event you sponsor, you are closer to getting data to learn more about your ICPs. Almost all event organisers gather data with surveys, ticket sales, and social media activity. You can’t get enough of these so demand them at the onset.

Competitive advantage over absentee rivals

As an event sponsor, you gain a competitive advantage over competitors who are absent. For that reason, go in with a game plan and outshine competitors on the sidelines.

Return on investment (ROI)

Before you sponsor an event, make sure you identify your primary goals: lead generation, sales, site traffic. Also, have a system in place to watch the numbers. If you do not mess this up, you should drive website traffic, content engagement, and conversion rates.


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