See the most popular markets in Anambra

Markets present an interesting opportunity for marketers to meet a diverse demography in their numbers, even if there is a specific target audience. Markets are usually crowded and, notwithstanding the ‘rush’, you will always get someone or people to wait and listen to your message. All you have to do is present your message in the most attractive way possible.

For activations, product launch, product upgrade, communication of brand messages, etc, don’t hesitate to use markets. This is why we listed these markets in Anambra:

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  1. Eke Awka
  2. Relief Market
  3. Electronics Market
  4. Nkwo Igbo Ukwu Market
  5. Nkwo Nnewi Market
  6. 2nd Market
  7. Eke Oyinbo market, Amawbia
  8. Eke Main market

Eke Awka

Located at Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue Awka, Eke Awka is as big as the word goes and you can get anything from food items, clothing materials, household items from the market. It receives visitors from Awka and environs and is easily accessible. If you’re visiting Awka, you may pass by the market at some point. The market is a major landmark in Awka of both commercial and historical relevance.

Relief Market

It’s a huge market for mostly provisions and groceries shop owners. Many retailers within Onitsha, Asaba, Agbor and other neighbouring towns and villages visit the market. Relief market is located at Obodoukwu road, off Onitsha-Owerri road, also adjacent to Lagos park Enugu express way, Onitsha, in Ogbaru Local government area, Anambra. You can also get clothing items, household items and all sorts of food items.

Electronics Market

This is the biggest electronics market in Onitsha, Anambra. You will all sorts of electronics at this market and it is easily accessible. The markets also has banks strategically stationed so you don’t have to carry cast around. It is located at Old Onitsha-Enugu road, Niger Bridge Head, Onitsha.

Nkwo Igbo Ukwu Market

This market is located near Post office, Nnobi-Ekwulobia road, Igbo Ukwu. Nkwo Igbo Market is a very popular market that holds every four days (on Nkwo day). You can get any local food stuff here. So, if you are going to Awka or environs from Oko or Nnewi, you’ll meet an audience at this market on Nkwo day.

Nkwo Nnewi Market

This one is a local market in Nnewi open from Monday through Saturday. Nkwo Nnewi market is popular for automobile parts and variety of goods and services. You can get food stuffs, clothing items, building materials at this market. It receives more visitors on Nkwo days.

2nd Market

Located along Ifite road close to St Paul’s Catholic Church, it is one of the most popular markets for UNIZIK students and residents in the area. So, you are also meeting students at this market. Second market is a big commodity market and it sells mostly food items.

Eke Oyinbo market, Amawbia

Eke Oyinbo is located at Old Enugu-Onitsha Road/Okigwe Road Junction, Old Onitsha-Enugu Rd, Amawbia. Food items are readily available at cheap rates and it is not as big. But it’s a popular transit motor park and bus stop. Where travellers can be dropped off and also get refreshments to continue their journey. The park has restrooms, restaurants, barbers and hair salons, pharmacies, etc.

Eke Main market

Eke Market has Eke Ofuu and Eke Ochie. It sells food items at reasonable rates and is known to be quite busy. It is also regarded as a big market for clothing items, travellers goods, and serves as the main market in Aguata Local government. It is located at Ekwulobia and you will be passing through the market if you visit Ekwulobia.


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