Rufus & Bee, Lekki Conservation Centre, and Upbeat… Here are the top 10 meeting places in Lagos

If there’s anything Lagosians are good at, it’s having a good time. They’ve mastered the art of having fun – even when they are all about business. There’s nothing wrong with cocktails, food and little dance before signing that contract, is there? Whilst the current pandemic has put a considerable damper on things, it doesn’t hurt to reminisce on the most incredible places for a fun hangout or an appointment in the city of Lagos. 

Here’s a list of the top ten meeting places in Lagos.

  1. Rufus & Bee: The arcade centre promises to dig out the inner child in you; delivering a wide range of games and activities to keep you enthralled. Alongside arcade games, a sports bar and a bowling alley, the hangout spot also has a restaurant,  rooftop lounge and event space. All the alluring services present at the location makes it difficult to leave without reluctance.
  2. Lekki Conservation Centre: If you enjoy being around nature, the Lekki Conservation Centre is the place to go. The most notable attraction at the centre is the 401-metre long canopy walkway, which is tagged as the longest canopy walkway in Africa. It is an exciting feature, suspending partakers high above the tropical scenery. 
  3. Tarkwa Bay: Tarkwa Bay’s serene beach is located on an island near Lagos harbour. One of the tourist destination’s biggest allures is that it is peaceful and closed off from the city’s constant hustle and bustle.
  4. Nike Art Gallery: A lover of art, expression and visual beauty? The Nike Art Gallery is just where you want to be.  The Nike Art Gallery is owned by  Nike Davies-Okundaye and houses a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists.
  5. Hard Rock Cafe: Located at Victoria Island, the Hard Rock Cafe is where the cool kids eat. The cuisine promises an exciting range of American foods you’d hardly find anywhere else in Lagos. The Cafe also provides a swimming area and a stage for live performances. 
  6. Ikeja City Mall: The Ikeja City Mall is practically a household name at this point. Hundreds of people troop in and out of the location on a daily basis. Some come into the mall to shop, eat, watch movies or sing karaoke. Whatever it is, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. That’s why it’s a popular favourite amongst Lagos youths. 
  7. Terra Kulture: The Terra Kulture space is an art and culture centre, that boasts of an attached restaurant. It also holds a bookstore and a little art gallery. Notably, the centre draws in people significantly for the stage plays held there.
  8. Upbeat: Located in Lekki, Upbeat is a recreational centre with facilities that encourage exercise and fitness. There’s a football field, basketball court, park, trampolines and other indoor activities present. It makes for a fun place for a group of friends or a team to bond. 
  9. Hi-Impact Planet: Hi-Impact Planet is one of the most recent attractions in Lagos. It is a family-themed park that boasts of some of the coolest, rollercoasters, electronic games, fun rides, Imax cinemas, restaurant, guest house etc. 
  10. Elegushi Beach: The island, Lagos, is surrounded by water and as such there are several beaches. However, the Elegushi beach remains one of Lagos youths’ most popular beaches and makes for a perfect hangout spot for family and friends. It is a private beach in Lagos owned by the Elegiushi Royal family. It is an ideal top hangout spot in Lagos with restaurant, nightclubs, and the Atlantic beach.

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