Popular Nigerian fashion influencers you should definitely know

The Nigerian fashion industry is currently experiencing a revolution that has attracted global attention. Within a decade, the industry has grown exponentially – and going by GDP data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the “textile, apparel, and footwear” sector has averaged a growth of 17% since 2010. Of course, this is largely influenced by an increase in demand, innovation, social technology and improved distribution strategy.

There are some mavens and voices spinning this fashion wheel and have grown to influence this industry growth. With their style, content and yes, their advocacy, these fashion influencers have put Nigeria on the global stage.

Here is a list of the most popular Nigerian fashion influencers:

Dimeji Alara

Dimeji Alara is a fashion director and stylist with wide international recognition. He is also a journalist and fashion editor whose debut in fashion started with Genevieve Magazine in 2004. He went on to launch his own magazine “Style Mania” and continued his work with Genevieve Magazine in 2013 as the Editor until 2015. In 2016, he joined the American and South African co-production team of the Blue Mauritius film, assigned to bring in designers from Africa to give the film a more original feel and display iconic rising stars in fashion. In 2017, he was appointed Fashion Editor at Elle Magazine, South Africa and since then, captured remarkable talents from the continent and beyond.


Onyii is a medical doctor turned content creator. She is more than just a fashion girl! 
Onyii tells her stories in ways that not only educates but creates a fun-filled atmosphere for anyone who cares to listen. With the attention she garners on social media platforms, which allows her to drive trending conversations around fashion, OnyiiBekeeh is one fashionista that has made an impact on fashion in Nigeria.

Seyi Fayimuwa

Seyi Fayimuwa is the owner of thedailyseyi.com – a lifestyle and fashion blog. Based in Los Angeles, Seyi blends chic Nigerian looks and style tips and runs a weekly IG live where she talks about all things pop culture, faith, social justice and love.

Sarah Audu

Sarah Audu is a fashion blogger based in Abuja. Well, she is more than just a blogger, but also a fashion content creator, faith and lifestyle enthusiast inspiring women to look stylish while fully covered on a budget. She actually makes such exciting and engaging style videos with her phone. 
Sarah also runs a YouTube channel where you can find videos on where she thrifts from – her online thrift store plug. During the quarantine, she hosted an online class for 20 people on how to create style videos on Instagram with their phones.

Moss Onyi

Moss is a Nigerian fashion blogger based in  Manchester. She is also a self-taught photographer, creating daily content and works full-time as a content creator. Onyi’s style can be classified as distinctive as she infuses her personality with her content. Moss usually summarises her style as classic, timeless and bold, and explains how this timelessness ensures she promotes sustainability within fashion.
She won the Cosmopolitan Fashion Influencer Award and was invited to 10 Downing Street as part of a celebration of those who are excelling in the industry for Black History Month 2019 due to her achievement. 

Maryam Salam

London-based Maryam Salam is breaking taboos about being a stylish Hijab wearer and is encouraging other Muslim women to be stylish. Maryam mixes faith/religion with fashion, rocking her hijab in different ways while maintaining fabulous stylish looks. She’s the founder of “Arewa Label” and “The MS Branding”. Arewa Label deals with affordable luxury scarves for women and gives her followers exciting tips on how to rock scarves beautifully. 

Kuyet Bamai

Kuyet Bamai is an award-winning lifestyle and fashion blogger, social media strategist and content creator, with an eye for details. Kuyet also describes himself as a fashion designer. 
He has also been nominated for the Nigerian Teen Choice Award for Choice Fashion Stylist and has also worked closely with the likes of Darshak woods, Eniola Michael, and a few others. He recently worked with “the fabric hub”. 

Denola Grey

Denola Adepetun, known as Dénola Grey, is a fashion consultant, writer and fashion blogger. With his large following on Instagram, where he dishes out posh stylish looks, Denola always leaves his followers speechless with stunning looks and fashion tips. Denola recently released his collection in collaboration with Orange Culture which he titled “At Home with Denola Grey”.


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