Politics Today, Sunrise Daily and Politicscope… Here are the top 10 political programmes on Nigerian television |From the Masterlist

Albert Einstein rightly quipped that “Politics is more difficult than physics”. The concept and its nuances can be challenging to understand, comprehend and digest. Thankfully, there are individuals and programmes dedicated to breaking down political developments and communicating them in digestible pieces. Here are some of the top political programmes on Nigerian television.

  1. Sunrise Daily: Sunrise Daily is a daily live show on Channels Television that takes place at 7.00-9.00am. The news and current affairs program features prominent guests and dissects news stories. The discussions consist of essential questions from political leaders, corporate decision-makers and everyday individuals.
  1. The Other News: On July 20, 2017, Channels Television debuted “The Other News.” The show is the Nigerian version of the “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”.  Hosted by Nigerian veteran comedian Okey Bakassi, the show highlights the political stories of the week which are laced with Bakassi’s witty commentary. Although the show is yet to be renewed for this year, its exciting content has made the public thirst for its comeback.
  1. Sunday Politics: Veteran journalist, Seun Okinbaloye hosts “Sunday Politics” on Channels TV which airs, as the name implies, every Sunday. The program gives a run-down of the week’s political stories. Occasionally interviews are conducted in the studio or via video call.
  1. Politics Today: Seun Okinbaloye hosts two of Nigeria’s most-watched political programs; “Politics Today” and  “Sunday Politics”. The show takes a look at recent significant developments and activities in the world of politics. The one hour show airs every day by 8 pm. 
  1. Journalist’s Hangout: Journalist’s Hangout is a talk show that holds on the TVC station. The show brings together journalists from different media houses every weekday who analyse and express opinions on politics, security, business and sports issues. 
  1. This Morning Show: ‘The Morning Show’ is a three-hour breakfast magazine programme on ARISE News Channel. It serves as a platform for political commentary on diverse topics of the day.
  1. People, politics and power: People, politics and power is a political programme that airs on AIT. The show provides intelligent analysis of political developments in the country. 
  1. Politicscope: Politiscope is one of the few political shows that holds on STV. The program offers important watchable and engaging content related to politics. 
  1. Politics on Sunday: Politics On Sunday is a show that takes place on TVC on weekends. The show dissects current political issues in the country, interviews prominent personalities and showcases exclusive clips to elucidate on the issues. 
  1. Good Morning Nigeria: Good Morning Nigeria is an NTA magazine show that airs from 6:30 am to 9:00 am and from Monday to Friday. The show gives viewers a rundown of current affairs in the nation and in the world at large. 

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