Oyingbo Market, Mile 12 Market, and Iddo Market… Here are the top 10 food markets in Lagos | From The Masterlist

As Nigeria’s commercial hub, the city of Lagos boasts of many market places. Some markets, however, are commonly known for the sale of specific goods, such as textiles, cosmetics, construction materials, provisions, spare parts, and foodstuffs, amongst many others. After thorough research, we’ve collated the top 10 foodstuff markets in Lagos. 

  1. Oyingbo Market: Specialising in fruit and fresh farm produce, Oyingbo Market is one of Lagos mainland’s most intriguing markets. Several myths surround Oyingbo; one of them is that it is a portal where people and otherworldly beings mix. Oyingbo is open during the daytime as well as at night, unlike other major markets in Lagos.
  1. Mile 12 Market: One of the most famous landmarks in Lagos State, Nigeria, is Mile 12. It is the part of Lagos that hosts the well-known Mile 12 market. The market, located in Ketu, is undoubtedly one of the state’s largest markets. It is the wholesale and retail shopping destination of choice, especially for consumables. It is the go-to place to buy all the food products you want: beans, rice, tomatoes, pepper, palm oil, yam, among others. Although the Mile 12 market is renowned for its consumables supply, this does not mean that non-consumables are not sold there.
  1. Oke Odo Market: Oke Odo Market is situated in the heart of Agbado Oke Odo, comprising of merchants from neighbouring towns and farms. The market was established in 1983 by the then Ikeja Local Government Area Council. The market is known for its different foodstuffs, ranging from yams, garri, beans, palm oil, pepper, yams, tomatoes, vegetables, fish, meats, onions to grains like millet, wheat, rice, sorghum, maize, groundnut, etc.
  1. Iddo Market: Iddo Market is situated at Ebutte meta, near Oyingbo. This market is widely known for selling bags of rice, beans, groundnut oil, among others, in bulk or wholesale. Although a small market, the trading centre provides cheap food goods for purchase. 
  1. Epe Fish Market: The Epe Fish Market is one of the most colourful and fascinating places to purchase crustaceans and freshwater fish. The market also offers exotic animals such as snails, alligators, tortoise etc. Fishes on sale can still be found alive and in woven baskets that are held around the market. For chefs who specialise in seafood, the market is a favourite source of all water animals.
  1. Daleko Market: Daleko Market is located at Daleko Market Road, Isolo, Lagos. Daleko Market is the chain distribution hub of both local and foreign grains in Lagos State. Goods such as rice, beans, groundnut oil, palm oil, sugar are sold at very reasonable prices. 
  1. Idi Oro Market: Popularly known as the Plantain market, the Idi Oro Market is located near Oloosa in Mushin. It’s a unique market mostly known for its sale of plantains and garri. Most of the market’s products are brought directly from the farm at Edo and Ondo states.
  1. Ijora Fish Market: One can get sea fish of various species from the Ijora Fish Market. It is situated very close to the maritime port of Apapa and PHCN Ijora. Sea fish of numerous types and enormous sizes are often available. Fresh fish in cartons and live fish called “Onmi”, which means “live fish still breathing”, are also on sale as well.
  1. Ogba Sunday Market: The Ogba Sunday Market is a market that caters majorly to foodstuffs. It is situated off Ogba Ijaiye Road and was open mostly on weekends. This helped working-class people meet up with their various shopping. Several years back, the market was strictly opened on Sundays, but recently, the market now operates every day due to popular demand. 
  1. Abattoir Market: This is a vast market that deals in the selling and public consumption of cows, sheep, cattle etc. Here animals are sold and slaughtered daily. It’s based in the local government area of Agege. Butchers gather very early in the morning to buy different amounts to satisfy their customers’ demands.

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