10 online niche platforms to sell your brand

The first key to success for any brand is understanding what it sells and in so doing whom to sell it to. The birth of a brand can be said to be the moment the question, “Who is our target audience?” is answered definitively. That being said, depending on what your brand sells and stands for, you can find your audience in niche spaces – platforms frequented by people with specific interests.

Your brand could be grasping at nothing trying to sell gardening tools to an audience on a platform dedicated to cosmetics. For marketing of any level of effectiveness, you need to find your target audience where you know they are.

We have made some of this easy for you by compiling 10 online niche platforms to sell your brands that you may not have considered for ad placement before.

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See list of online niche platforms in Nigeria:

  1. YNaija
  2. SisiYemmie
  3. Zikoko
  4. BellaNaija
  5. BrandCrunch
  6. TechCabal
  7. TheCable
  8. Dimma Umeh
  9. FabWoman
  10. Linda Ikeji


YNaija is a youth-focused culture site that publishes pieces highlighting Nigeria’s cultural evolution and spotlights emerging spaces. If your brand is selling the new and chic and seeking an adventurous audience that dares anything, YNaija is well-regarded in this light by Nigeria’s youth. YNaija is one of the sub-companies under RED | For Africa – a 360 media brand that specialises in storytelling and excellent service.  


SisiYemmie is a Nigerian food and lifestyle blog run by award-winning Nigerian vlogger Yemisi Sophie Odusanya also known as Sisi Yemmie. Audiences on this famous blog go there for everything from beauty and style to gist, news and events, and, primarily food recipes and food reviews. If your answer to the question about your target audience fits any of the aforementioned, there is no better place to find them than here. Where food meets love and the warmth of delicious memories.


Zikoko.com is reputable for its smart, witty and fun content, tailor-made for a young audience and the young at heart. The platform is spot-on with trending topics and spectacular with questionnaires that are fun to engage and well-loved by their audience. Sometimes, what your brand needs to take off is a witty insight into what your target audience enjoys and this may be the best place to get that.


BellaNaija.com is one of Nigeria’s top platforms with content ranging from fashion and style, entertainment and showbiz, to weddings and events. It’s grown from a blog started in 2006 to an inspiring and informative entertainment portal where audiences go for a variety of content. Depending on what your brand is selling, this platform has a variety of audiences that may include your exact target audience. If you can establish that your target audience flock here, and they most likely do, this may be the perfect place for your ad and to position your brand.


BrandCrunch.com.ng is focused on reporting and analyzing brands and marketing communications activities, issues and allied subjects and the industry generally. It offers news, features and up-to-date happenings in the industry in real-time, online, as they unfold. The niche audience BrandCruch offers you range anything from brand execs to consumers keen to find out more about what emerging brands are bringing to the larger market and why they should consider them.

Whether your brand is new or established and trying to expand its market base, this is a good place to position it and find your tribe.


Owned by Cabal media, the parent company of Zikoko, TechCabal covers the African Tech ecosystem in a way few other platforms can boast of. What you find here aren’t just stories of startups and tech innovations but also the people behind them. Investors, designers, tech policy-makers and tech aficionados generally.

If your audience fits the bill you are in for a great time working with this platform.


The Cable is an online newspaper that delivers knowledge-driven journalism to millions of Nigerians. With a teaming audience of news seekers, this platform gives you endless possibilities to sell your brand to a varied audience.

What remains, then, is for you to create your compelling ad and watch the sale numbers run up.

Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh is a Nigerian beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog that covers some of the popular blogger Chidimma Umeh’s favourite beauty tips, travel and lifestyle for the benefit of her teaming audience.

People – new and frequent visitors – go to this platform for answers on skincare, what product may or may not work for them, and find reassurance in their journeys, making it a good place to have your brand seen.


FabWoman is a Nigerian platform that makes finding styling content easy for the African millennial woman. Despite being mobile-first, this platform still maintains a solid site that users can visit and get styling inspiration at any time.

If this niche contains your target audience the possibilities of how you can position your brand here are plenty.

Linda Ikeji Blog

Nothing brings disparate human beings together like the promise of a story. When it promises to be salacious and exclusive people flock together like moths to light. That is part of the reason this news, events, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, inspiration, and yes… Gossip blog remains the favourite of millions of Nigerians.

One of the appeals of this platform could be that your target audience will carry your brand message further by word of mouth alone, but the primary appeal remains the diversity of the audience here.


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