Nimbus Art Centre, Terra Kulture and Omenka Art Gallery… Here are the go-to top 10 art centres present in Lagos | From The Masterlist

An art gallery or an art centre is quite different from an art museum. While one might go to an art museum to view art, one goes to an art gallery to see art, with the prospect of purchasing the art. 

An art gallery or centre could also provide a venue where exhibitions, workshops and educational facilities can take place. The provisions as mentioned earlier could be employed and used by a marketer in an art-related campaign. Here are some of the top go-to art centres in Lagos.

  1. Nimbus Art Centre/ Bogobiri House: The Nimbus Art Centre boasts of an outdoor restaurant and a live music stage in a space created for art lovers. The space is, on occasion, rented out for exhibitions and the gallery also provides art valuation, advisory, and auctioneering services. The centre is located at the Bogobiri Art House and boasts of an exclusive terrace for weekly art exhibitions. 
  1. Terra Kulture: Terra Kulture is one of the most prominent art centres in Nigeria. Located in Victoria Island, Terra Kulture boasts of an art gallery, food lounge, theatre, and an art shop where books and African themed items are sold. Exhibitions and stage plays are held at the cultural centre and draw Nigerians from far and wide. 
  1. Yusuf Grillo Art Gallery: The gallery was established as a memorial to Yusuf Grillo and is located within the Yaba College of Technology. The gallery holds exhibitions for the school’s art students and also hosts exhibitions for master artists. The art gallery’s surroundings make for a suitable location for an art-related brand to stage an event or luncheon. 
  1. ReLe Gallery: The ReLe Gallery is known for showcasing unconventional art installations. Located at Onikan, Lagos Mainland, the gallery holds regular exhibitions and art-related events. The centre has become a hub for Nigerian youths who are avid lovers of all things art.
  1. Omenka art gallery: Located at Ikoyi, Lagos, Omenka gallery boasts of a fine selection of diverse artistic media. The gallery is located within the home of celebrated Nigerian artist, Ben Enwonwu. 
  1. Art Twenty One Gallery:  Located at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Art Twenty One is a space dedicated to contemporary art. The venue provides an ample location for an art-related event to take palace. 
  1. Nike Art Center: Nike Art Center is a cultural centre and the largest art gallery in Nigeria. It is owned by Mrs Nike Davies Okundaye; an artist and collector. The gallery houses over 8,000 pieces of art from over the last 20 years. The Nike Art Center occasionally holds jazz festivals and open gallery nights. 
  1. Freedom Park: Freedom Park is a memorial and historical landmark, entertainment centre, and leisure park built on thd Broad Street Prison’s ruins. It has an open-air stage, a theater, a food court, a museum and art gallery. It is the perfect place to incorporate into your campaign plan for any artsy or cultural event.
  1. Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization: The Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization was set up following Nigeria’s pledge to preserve the materials and artefacts used for the 2nd World African Black and African Festival of Arts and culture in 1977.  Located at 36/38 Broad St, Lagos Island, the centre maintains the responsibility of promoting black African arts and heritage. 
  1. Universal Studio of Arts: Located at the National Theatre in Iganmu, the studio possesses an extensive collection of works from visual artists and sculptors in Nigeria. Aside from the vast array of arts that the economical art collector can obtain, the area is an attractive spot for young, upcoming artists.

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