10 TikTok Influencers marketing teams should consider in their plans

Daily online usage plays a significant role in the everyday lives of consumers worldwide. The internet has changed the way humans interact and reshaped traditional communications media such as film, television, music, and telephone. The emergence of new digital technologies and websites have accelerated forms of human interaction through online forums, instant messaging, and social networking.

Of all the social media apps in existence, TikTok gained a 31.9 per cent market share within Nigeria in 2020. A number that has surely increased this 2022, and is looking to have more users before year-end. This is why we listed these TikTok users who can help you reach your users where they spend a lot of their time. 

See Nigerian TikTok Influencers: 

  1. @hadizaaliyugabon
  2. @anthonumeh
  3. @princesslizzybaby
  4. @empress_rhema
  5. @dollyboy
  6. @realmikemizzle
  7. @r0dn3y_
  8. @olachionuoha
  9. @ayomidate
  10. @symplypeace_

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Hadiza Aliyu, known as Hadiza Gabon is a Nigerian professional actor and filmmaker who acts in both Hausa and English movies. Hadiza was named best actress at 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards. She has also won the 2nd Kannywood/MTN Awards in the year 2014. She presently serves as the founder of the HAG Foundation. She has over 330,000 followers on TikTok and has an average engagement of 1,000 likes and 50 comments. 


Anthon Umeh’s followership on TikTok is growing having grown his Instagram account to over 90,000 followers. He has over 270,000 followers on TikTok, an average of 12,000 likes per post and 110 comments. Anthon gets an average of 100,000 views on his videos, and his collaboration with other popular social media comedians makes him even more popular. 


Called BB London, Lizzy Baby’s beauty is the first thing that endears people to her social ages. On TikTok, she has over 669,000 followers and has gathered over 11 million likes. Her posts get an average of 30,000 views and 100 comments. 


Nmesoma Uzodinma is a Medical doctor, speaks 5 different languages, and is a computer programmer. She has over 130,000 followers on TikTok, an average of 3,500 views for each post, and has gathered over 5 million likes. 


Dollyboy is a digital content creator that has over 90,000 followers on TikTok. He gets an average of 1,000 views on his page and has over 44,000 likes in total. He is a model and hip-hop and Afro dancer.


Mike is a Creative Director, Content Creator, Fitness Enthusiast. He mixes fitness sessions and comic content and now has over 316,000 followers on TikTok. He has an average of 500,000 views, and 1,000 comments. Through his time on TikTok, he has gathered over 2.5 million likes and has his videos on other comic video sharing platforms. 


Rodney has over 2.2 million followers on TikTok. During his time on the platform, he has gathered over 37 million likes. His videos get an average of 2 million views and gets about 5,000 comments. He is usually called the Wisdom Man, and the creative nature of his videos makes it so that they are usually reshared by other popular media platforms. 


Olachi Onuoha has over 135,000 followers on TikTok, an average of 10,000 views per post, and 50 comments. Her page is getting close to 1 million likes since she started using the platform. She is an actor. 


Adegboye Idris Ayomide, known as Ayomidate, says he enjoys creating humorous content and making people laugh. He has over 414,000 followers on TikTok, over 2.1 million likes, an average of 12,000 views per post, and 100 comments. Ayomidate has worked with Frankie Busor Seeka, The Cute Abiola, OkikiDFT, NastyBlaq, Sydney Talker, Broda Shaggi, Isbae U, Twyse, Father DMW, and The Okan Twins to produce exciting video content.


Chukwuka Peace has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, with an average of 100 comments per post. Her time on the platform has got her over 18 million likes, and 30,000 views per post, on average. 


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