Run your activation at these 9 markets in Abuja

Just like other major cities in Nigeria, the capital Abuja is usually abuzz with commercial activities. Also, it is experiencing an influx of young people from different parts of the country who want to be close to the centre of political power. As the population continues to expand, so are the markets. 

From its open markets to its modern market structures, Abuja makes shopping an experience to remember and look forward to. There are certain markets popular for certain goods or services and it is important to know this before running that activation or campaign. We listed 9 of them here.  

See popular markets in Abuja:  

  1. Wuse Market 
  1. Kubwa Market 
  1. Utako Ultra Modern Market 
  1. Karmo Market 
  1. Garki International Market 
  1. Gudu Market 
  1. Deidei market 
  1. Maitama Farmer’s Market 
  1. Kado Fish Market 

Wuse Market 

Wuse Market is quite big and arguably the most popular market in Abuja. Name what you want and you may find it at the Wuse market. From foodstuff to electronics, to household items, to office items, to personal items. You may want to know that this market was once a secondary school and the transition to a market was seamless. At the Wuse market, just like at every other crowd place in Abuja, you will find a diverse range of audiences to sell your brand to.  

Location: Zone 5, Wuse District.  

Kubwa Market 

The Kubwa market is as big as the word goes and services residents in Kubwa and environs. It is called the Kubwa village market and houses sellers and buyers from across the FCT. The market is mostly known for foodstuffs but has sellers of household items, personal items, and office items.  

Location: NYSC road, Kubwa.  

Utako Ultra Modern Market 

Just like most other markets in Abuja, the Utako Market gives you the vibes that you may find everything you need. It is close to farms in the FCT and, therefore, boasts lower prices than you will find at other markets. The Utako market is the second-largest market in Abuja. It is located about 2 kilometres from Wuse Market, which is the biggest in terms of commerce and patronage. 

Karmo Market 

Commodities at the Karmo market are generally cheap. Karmo market is the best bet to get assorted fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, including processed seasonings and much more like clothing, shoes, bags, books, hair accessories, back to school kits. Tuesdays and Fridays are the official market days for buyers and sellers in Karmo Market. The trading crowd and activities at Karmo result in dense traffic and can go on for hours. So, you may want to use that opportunity to attract your audience.  

Location: Same name in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) around Kado area Abuja. 

Garki International Market 

The ultra-modern market is another popular market in Abuja. The Garki international market is a little larger than the Wuse market in landmass, and the prices are generally cheaper compared to Wuse Market. The Garki market is your best bet for confectioneries and clothing items because these are generally cheaper than elsewhere.  

Location: Garki.  

Gudu Market 

The Gudu market is more like a niche market in Abuja. It is known as the “Electrical Parts Market” and specialises mainly in the sales of spare parts of different automobile brands, as well as other electronic wares. There’s a small section assigned to foodstuff stallholders too. 

Location: Gudu district of Abuja. 

Deidei market 

The Deidei market is irresistible if you are passing along that road. This is another fruit market in Abuja, where you can buy tomatoes, pepper, onions in baskets and at fairly good rates. This market does not have a market day or time but, go early to ‘catch your audience young’.  

Location: Deidei area after Kubwa if you are taking the expressway. 

Maitama Farmer’s Market 

Located in the highbrow area of Abuja, the Maitama Farmers’ Market is a small but organised market servicing the residents of Maitama and environs. At this market in Abuja, you will find vegetables, groceries, fruits, wholesale drinks and other food items. If you want to meet middle-class Abuja residents and bourgeois, go to this market.  

Location: Yedseram Crescent, Maitama.  

Kado Fish Market 

This is also regarded as a niche market, especially because it sells mostly fish – the name already tells this story. It is popular for all kinds of fish products. You cannot get fish anywhere cheaper because Kado Market is the first choice for many fish farmers to market their products and a meeting point for businessmen and women dealing in fish and products such as feeds, drugs. 

 Location: along Gwagwa-Karmo road, Life Camp. 


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